Autobiography Sample

Excerpts from:

Autobiography of a Goddess

by  I AM also known as Dianne Jean Turner, Ilumina, Diana Leighland, and Diana Best.

COPYRIGHT 1992 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - EDITED ON JANUARY 13, 1995 Revised 5-14-2001  & May 29, 2014 by I AM

"When a mind has only light it knows only light. It's own radiance shines all around it, and extends out into the darkness of other minds, transforming them into majesty." (1.)


To Mark Zinger, who helped make this book possible, by kindly loaning me his computer, when mine was damaged during the Anahola Flood disaster in Kauai, December 14, 1991.


To David Slawson, a real angel, who invested in the pre- production of Stardancer, a feature film designed to heal Earth's environment. When I last saw him, he said, "Diane, you are divine, and if my investment has helped you to realize your divinity, then it has all been worthwhile." And to my many masters who have taught me so well both personally in the physical including: Babajii, Master Omram Michael Ivanhov, Cy Hedeman, Yana Nada Shakti, John the Christ, The Intergalactic Volunteers, Calky the Christ, Michael, Swami Hare Hare Ananda, Lama Ole, and those ascended including: Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, and those in spirit including: Sai Baba & St. Germain. Special thanks to John the Christ for sending Mary Carol Breckenridge to help me transcribe and edit this work. Thank you, especially, Mary Carol for the fine work and many hours you put in to making this book a reality! Thanks to Janette Greanbaum, (Peace), for transcribing and to Nancy Lynn King, (Divine Grace), for her masterful assembling of this work. And last but not least, indeed the most - to you, GOD, for your request that I write about Our Adventures Together.


I took five months before I began writing this book, and focused all my attention on GOD. I was one-pointed, focusing as much of the day as possible contemplating and communing with GOD in the hopes of receiving personal guidance to heal my body when the doctors gave me no hope of recovery. After two months of quietly listening and stilling my mind, I began to hear the voice of Spirit, guiding me daily to recover. When I was feeling better, I began working on a novel I was writing that goes along with a screenplay I had written.  Then God spoke, saying, " I'd like you to do something for me." I'd like you to set that aside for a while and write about Our Adventures Together. I thought of all of the miracles in my life and began writing this autobiography, writing 1000 pages in 16 weeks. My editors cut it all up, so:


This is a poem that I wrote for GOD:

The Great One is known by many names, more than can be counted among the many trillions of worlds of space. To each race and time of men, comes a bright and shining star to embody the spirit of the Great One. Love is the Great One, the essence that powers the stars, the essence that gives life to all creation and lives within our hearts. How wise it would be for the good people of Earth to realize the underlying foundation of all religions and unite in the name of Love.

I was born when the sun was in the mid heaven in Portland, Oregon on lucky 7-11 in 1950. My mother, Joyce was beautiful. Before getting married she had been a model. I was so blessed to have such a loving mother. My father, Jim was tall and handsome, a policeman who loved flying airplanes. His heart was a treasure beyond compare. Both Mom and Dad were pilots. He taught her to fly and they discovered she was pregnant with me when she was airborne.  I grew up in the cockpits of antique airplanes, barnstorming around the countryside. Dad loved racing his biplanes at the antique air shows. He and my mother built them in our big garage in the wintertime and flew them each spring. Every year they completed another until we had seven airplanes. That's when they built a small airport on a Christmas tree farm in Beavercreek, Oregon.

I had several mystical experiences as a small child and remember talking to angels in the attic. My earliest memories are of loving GOD and Jesus. I was in the Sunday school cradle roll, and through age sixteen attended Protestant churches. When I was eight years old my Mother’s back was broken due to a thoughtless prank when a stool collapsed under her while she was  pregnant. Although my mother was bed ridden off and on, she always was there for me. She created beautiful costumes for my many theatrical plays, which I starred in at Parkrose Jr. High and High School.  At age twelve I wrote, directed a starred in a neighborhood play. I was also the lead singer, a high soprano at church and school. Mom helped me illustrate my first book, "If I Ran the Zoo" which began, If I ran the Zoo, what a world this would be... The first thing I'd do is set the animals free. In the second grade I took a very fun and interesting test... It was the first IQ tests given to all US school children.  My IQ was exceptionally high, in fact it was the highest in the state of Oregon, so they called in my parents and I to discuss it.

My aunts nicknamed me "little mother" for I took care of my three little sisters, learning to love and give at an early age. I rubbed my mothers back, helped prepare meals, clean house, change diapers, bathed and baby-sat my three little sisters. While doing my homework I taught my little sister Denise (who was eight years younger than I) to read and write. On her fifth birthday we went into the library to get her library card and the lady said she was too young and couldn't have a library card until she could write her name in long hand. So she proudly stepped up and signed. Denise excelled in school and is now the chief of police in Gilroy, CA. My sister Darlene was a Sergeant in the Alaska State Troopers and the commander of both  Prudo Bay and Kodiak, Alaska. My sister Debra was a Deputy Sheriff in Oregon. She heroically carried several people from a burning chemical lab at a university. The chemical fumes seared her lungs so she retired at an early age.

When I was twelve, I was madly in love with horses, so I begged my Dad for a horse of my own. Because horses are both expensive and a big responsibility, my father agreed that I could have one with one big condition; that I must earn the money to buy one and care for it and feed it myself. As an incentive, he offered to match me dollar for dollar, all the money that I earned by my own hands. So I picked strawberries all summer and earned half the money to buy a seven-month-old quarter horse colt named Sugar-foot. He was my best friend for the next four years. In 4-H I learned how to raise and train young horses and by age fifteen I began horse whispering & gentle training professionally.


The first time I heard the Divine Sound Current, I was 15 years old. I was sitting near a waterfall meditating, when I suddenly heard what sounded like a symphonic orchestra playing a stirring melody that I had never heard before. It seemed as though it was outside of me but as I focused my attention within, it grew louder, more beautiful and more moving. Finally the music became so loud and so exquisitely beautiful, I opened my eyes to see where it was coming from. My friends were right before me, looking at me intently. Surprised at seeing them so close, I jumped. At that moment the music stopped. I asked, "Did you hear that music? Where is it coming from?" And, they said, "It was coming from you." I agreed to try to do it again. I sat and aligned my spine in the same way and tilted my head a little to the left, and there was the music again. The more I paid attention to it, the louder it got and more beautiful it became. This time when I opened my eyes, I was careful not to change the position of my spine. My friends were smiling. They could indeed hear the music.

While experiencing the Divine Sound Current many variations have come to me. One I have heard is like church bells ringing all around me. It's a victorious sound. The greatest thing about the Divine Sound Current is that it is so easy to meditate when you hear it. When you focus on the beautiful sound, you don't have to try to control your thoughts, because no thoughts come. You can just listen to the Divine Melody. It is truly a gift of Grace and one of the most delightful of all spiritual gifts. Often I have found that in order to hear it, I ask Mother/Father GOD to bless me with it. Then I begin hearing it. You have to turn your attention inward to hear it. Once the sound becomes loud in your own consciousness, any outer sound will add to the Divine Sound Current and accentuate it. Once you are fully immersed in the Divine Sound Current, whether you hear the angels singing or the symphonic orchestra, you will find that most outer sounds aren't a distraction. Although, I'm sure that the radio or the TV would be a distraction and would probably make it difficult to initiate hearing it at all. Once I heard a jackhammer busily hammering just outside. To my amazement, the deep sounds only accentuated it. The Divine Sound Current has come to me in different levels. The first level is the symphonic orchestra. The second is the divine harmonies of the angels voices, all the way from soprano to baritone. The third begins in the highest ranges of the soprano, then it becomes a sonic tone which gets higher and higher. It is that sound that can take you up, out of your body and into a stated of being called Samadhi (super-consciousness) and Nirvana (infinite bliss and simultaneous consciousness within everything around you).

I never thought there was anything more beautiful than the Divine Sound Current until I was blessed with the touch of the Holy Spirit. For the last couple of years I have been graced with feeling the energy of the Holy Spirit touching my forehead, in the region of my third eye, and on the top of my head near the crown chakra. These sensations are so wonderful; I can't begin to tell you the ecstasy that I feel. Like the softest feather tickling my head penetrating into my brain in these areas. Sometimes it goes both through my crown and my third eye, joining at the center of my brain. When this happens, it puts me into a sublime state of gratitude, for the feeling is Divine Ecstasy.

When I was sixteen years of age, I experienced death. I must have been poisoned, because I became so violently ill that I did not have the strength to stand or walk. My sister carried me up the stairs and laid me in my bed. I wretched and dry heaved until I became so weak I couldn’t move at all. The pain and sickness were unbearable. And then, everything went black. I saw a spotlight focused on the back of a man’s head. Slowly he turned around and I was horrified to see that it was the Devil, and he was laughing at me.

I prayed for Lord Jesus to help me. Suddenly, it seemed as if I were at the bottom of the ocean with a whirlpool sucking me down. I couldn’t breathe. I swam, struggling against the current with all my might. It took every ounce of strength I possessed. As I rose, I noticed that the water got stiller towards the top and easier to ascend. Above me, I could see the surface. I swam on until at last, I broke through where I could breathe.

To my astonishment, I kept ascending right up through the peaking waves. I looked down, and in complete surprise, saw what I had believed to be the ocean was the atmosphere of Earth. I had risen above it into space. I could see the whole world below me. It was infinitely beautiful to behold. I looked towards the sun and it was magnificent, so brilliant! Then I saw, in the far distance, two beautiful Angels shining brighter than the sun. They were flying towards me. A thrill of joy went through me as I thought, “They are going to take me to God.” How beautiful they looked. They were the most beautiful beings I had ever seen, and yet, I didn’t even have eyes to see. I didn’t have a body at all, just a point of consciousness that could behold all the wonder and beauty around me.

When I started out towards them, I heard a Great Voice within me saying, “Wait there. You do not understand how it is.” The Voice was kind, compassionate, infinitely loving, neither male nor female, pure, all-powerful, yet gentle... a Voice that seemed to come from the heart of eternity.


As the Angels came closer they spoke, and their words rang all around me and through me. “It is your Father’s will,” they said, “that you return to Earth. There is something of utmost importance that must be done during your lifetime, something that only you can do.” I thought to myself, “Who, me? What could I possibly do that could make a difference?” And then it dawned on me, “Oh, they must have a case of mistaken identity. They have confused me with someone else, someone important.”

The Angels said, “Do you want to do your Fathers will?” I felt disappointed, because I really wanted to be with God more than anything. Yet, there was no way to argue with a question like that. “Yes,” I thought. “I do want to do my Father’s will.” And, as I resigned myself to His will, I suddenly sped through the atmosphere until I came to a stop, hovering just above my house.

I had super vision and super hearing! I saw my friend asleep in his bed through the rooftop of his house, three houses away. I could hear his dog breathing. In awe, I began to look around. Then I heard the Angles again; “Do you want to do your Father’s will?

As I thought, “Yes,” I descended through my rooftop, hovering near the ceiling above my dead body. Surprisingly, I was repulsed by it. Although I had enjoyed my life, I had no desire to go back into that cold lump of flesh. Then, I heard the Angels asking me again, “Do you want to do your Father’s will?” And as I thought, “Yes,” I suddenly flew into my body. I was stuck, and it felt as if I weighed a thousand pounds, considering a few moments earlier I had the freedom of weightlessness. I was tired, so very tired, but I thanked Jesus because the sickness was gone and I was safe.

What I had been brought back to Earth for, my mission, was to bring God’s Words to you now, so you may feel the direct personal experience of His Divine Love. It is God’s Will that people everywhere receive the benefit of His Divine Guidance, so everyone can experience the peace, the blessed abundance, and absolute joy of Heaven on Earth now.

Another time I heard the Divine Sound current in Kipahulu, Maui in 1984 when I was in the company of John Anka, (who founded "The Center For The Second Coming" in Cambria, California). At that time he was guided to me. One day he arrived on my doorstep, which was located on a farm in the most remote part of Maui. This smiling stranger announced that he had come to help me. So I opened the door saying, "Good, we have a lot to do." I asked him if he knew anything about filmmaking and to my surprise, he did. We started making a production board for my screenplay, "STARDANCER". We had been working together for a few days when I suddenly began hearing about a hundred angels singing in harmony. It was the most beautiful celestial song I've ever heard. It didn't stop. Sometimes it was accompanied by music like an orchestra playing with the heavenly choir of angels. The singing and music continued for three weeks, getting louder and more enrapturing. During this time I experienced so much Divine Grace and spiritual growth. I will always be grateful for the time John, the Christ, spent with me. So much is imparted on a spiritual level when one is in the company of a divine person. And so much synergy takes place when kindred souls are drawn together to do GOD’s will. While John and I were together he was inspired to become a living master. The years went by and I lost touch with him. Imagine my surprise when I found out that he had sent his disciple, Mary, to Hawaii in 1992 to help me write this book. [Thank You, John!]



Beware - Prejudice Can Be Subtle. Looks Can Be Deceiving.


When I was nineteen and living in Oregon, I made an ethical decision that I would eat only foods that created no harm to other creatures nor to the environment. It came to me that the only thing I could really eat was fruit, the seeds of which I could plant afterwards. In that way I wouldn't be killing or harming anything. So, for 3 months I lived on fruit. During that entire time I called for GOD, for the Christ, to come to me, to materialize before me. I wanted to know if I was proceeding along the right path, if I was doing His will, if I was evolving spiritually in the direction He wanted me to. I had so many questions that I wanted Him to answer and wished that He would talk to me about the Ascension and about the infinite possibilities of consciousness and being. I called for Christ Jesus, to come and materialize before me. I thought that if I asked earnestly, relentlessly and continually that he would indeed hear my plea and materialize before me. I issued forth a real soul call. All I did was pray all day, every day for Christ to materialize in my midst, so I could talk to him person to person. For about eight weeks, I longed to see him before me so badly, that my heart was in agony and my spirit, contrite. This went on for another month, and I felt totally devastated. I couldn't go on. I had to just drop what I was doing and get away, and I was inspired to go to Hawaii.

I had never been there, but went on my own and flew to Honolulu. I was surprised at the expensive rates of the hotels. So, instead of getting a hotel room, I went over to the park where I saw some people playing Frisbee and was inspired to play Frisbee with them. I toss a really good Frisbee - I've had lots of practice with the guys - I throw a Frisbee like a discus, which can go for a long way. After a while we sat and talked. Among the Frisbee players was a pure Hawaiian guy who had just gotten married to a girl from Minnesota. He invited me to come and be their houseguest. It was really nice to experience the genuine Aloha spirit! The next day I decided to go down to Waikiki. I noticed a man with incredible magnetism. I was just pulled to him, which totally confused me because when I looked at him, he looked like a bum. His clothes were tattered and he didn't look like the kind of person whom I would even talk to. But, I found myself standing before him. He looked at me and said, "We have a lot to discuss. Why don't you buy me a cup of coffee in there (pointing to cafe) and we'll talk." Although I didn't know why I was doing this, I went inside with him and bought a cup of coffee. When his coffee came, he didn't drink it. He reached over, and with his finger on my forehead, he made the sign of the cross. This scared me - here was this guy who looked like a bum touching me, and I got scared and kind of closed down. He said, "I have some friends that you'd like to meet, like to talk to." And, I thought, "I can't imagine any of his friends that I would like to meet." Nevertheless, I decided that I would like to get to know him a little bit better before I would go anywhere with him, and so we went for a walk as the sun was setting along the Alawai Canal. I still remember how the lights reflected on the water. We sat down on a cement bench and I asked him if he knew how to levitate. He said he did, and would I like to levitate with him. "Yes, I said, of course." We rose up to about 30 feet into the air. I was sitting in a lotus position, just hovering. It was awesome. I asked, "How did you learn to do this?" He answered, "My father taught me many things." Then he said, "Now would you like to go see my friends?" I replied, "First of all I want to go where I'm staying and tell my friends where I'm going to be so they won't worry." So, he walked with me over to my friend's house. While we were waiting for my friends to arrive, I asked him quite a few questions. He got tired of waiting and wanted to go, and I said, "Would you just play Frisbee with me for a little while?" When we walked outside, he was directly in front of me. I threw the Frisbee to him and, when it reached him, he disappeared. The Frisbee went right through where he had been standing. I went and looked all around the cars, but he was gone. The next day I was in Waikiki again, and I saw him across the street. Again, I felt magnetically drawn to him. So, with all of my willpower, I pretended not to see him and just kept walking until he was out of sight.

From there I went to the Big Island and had an enjoyable trip, met some wonderful people. Then when I got on the airplane to return home, I began to think about what I was doing before I came over to Hawaii. I had been totally intent on having Christ materialize before me. Having been refreshed by my stay in Hawaii, I prayed anew, "Oh, Jesus, my sweet Lord, please come now, I want to see you." I said it with all the earnestness of my soul, and suddenly I heard a voice in my mind that said very clearly, "Would you know me if you saw me?" All of a sudden, I saw his face in my mind and saw myself walking away from him in Waikiki. I just broke down and cried, because I realized that he had come to me, but had disguised himself in a way so that people wouldn't be attracted to him. I had blown this most marvelous opportunity to be with Christ. I cried for days, and I felt so humble and stupid. My heart felt broken for a long time.


Later on, when I was going through an especially hard time in life, Christ sent me a letter that had a wax seal on it. It was delivered by a man whom I did not know, who said, "Christ asked me to deliver this to you." His letter was so beautiful that I'd like to share it with you.

" perfecting child,

How you yet suffer the changes through which you must grow, constantly renewing yourself. Were I to always pick you up, forever hold tight to your

hand, you could hardly walk in confidence or attempt the rugged pathway home. Take pause, renew yourself with me in spirit. Breathe me in, in calm, deep, peace-filled breaths. Let me wash over you like a wave upon a silent sacred shore. I will completely cover you; bathe you in shimmering light. Absorb me as best you can, feel me filling you, being you, as you become me. As you seek to become more like me, I adjust you through change, and change and growth is not always simple or easy. And though I truly promise you everlasting life, that is not the same as everlasting ease. Fear not your human forgetfulness or youthful distractions. Worry not at your seemingly slow pace, for time was made for you and your perfecting; it is your quality I count, not the hours you pass on the path. There is no wrong you can do which I cannot forgive ...and when you feel this same forgiveness toward those who have hurt you, this is true Love, the Light you have learned from me; this then is our blessing which we share with each other. I am with you in all that you do. I suffer with you in the presence of ignorance, of evil; I am joyed as you share our love and wisdom. I will never separate from you, though you may deceive yourself into loneliness and death by choosing a separated path, but that would be your choice, not mine for you. I know only life, which includes all of that which you term death. If you are sincere in wanting me, in wanting life and love, it is impossible not to receive it in everlasting abundance. Be not deceived by preachers of fear and damnation, for I am your loving Father, your perfect Creator and will never frighten my children into accepting the goodness and beauty which awaits each of you whose desire for Love and Truth is reflected in your choice to do my will."



Christ finally did come to me in person, for three marvelous days. I was living in Kipahulu, which is the most remote part of Maui, past Hana and the Seven Sacred Pools. I lived on a beautiful tropical plantation, where I had an organic garden. One day a neighbor, who sometimes helped me in the garden, came to me and said, "You know, some people just moved into a nearby house. Guess who the man says he is? He says he is Christ and that he has just come from Egypt." He wanted to know what I thought about it. I thought I should go over and check it out. So, I immediately went over to the house, and there I met a man who was dressed all in white. He introduced himself as Christ, and we began talking. I got there in the morning and we talked for what seemed like only a short time, but as I got up to leave, the sun was setting. That whole day went by in what seemed like an hour. I was so surprised. The lady that was with him never said a word, but would sometimes bring us tea and crackers. He and I just talked and talked and talked. We talked about the Ascension; we talked about Christ's role in modern times. We talked about achieving Christ consciousness and so many things. This went on for three days. Each day I would go in the morning and talk for what seemed like an hour, but then the sun would be setting. Everyday I was totally surprised at how the time had passed. On that third day he gave me an Alexandrite, a beautiful violet stone that sometimes appears violet and sometimes appears blue and red. He said that he wanted me to meditate with it on my head. (I have since had it fashioned into a beautiful gold headdress with wings holding the stone.) First he held out two stones and said, "Hold each one, then choose one." I held one in my hand and closed my eyes and was instantly in Egypt, going through an initiation in the Great Pyramid. My consciousness just merged into the consciousness of a priestess of ancient Egypt. When he handed the second stone to me I did not receive any visions, but it felt like it brought out the best in me; that my spirituality was amplified. I felt an incredible amount of really good energy. So, I chose the second one. He gave me a book called "Signs of Christ" and another called "Dossier on the Ascension" by Serapis Bey, which I could not understand and did not read at that time. However, now I have read it and totally understand it. Amazing! On the fourth day of Christ's visit, I went on my monthly shopping trip to Kahului on the other side of Maui. The next morning when I went to the house where he and the woman were staying, they were gone. My friend said they had left because of pressing business in Egypt. Later, when a neighbor asked me about the time I had spent there, and what I thought about this person who professed to be Christ, I replied that I believed the person to be who he said he was. The three days that I had spent with Christ were truly a blessing, and he confirmed so much for me. Christ told me that everything that I was doing, everything that had come to me to establish heaven on Earth, by making movies to enlighten humanity, to use the profits to heal nature; and to restore heaven on earth through political means - were all exactly in line with the Divine Plan.



Within the book he gave me, Signs of Christ, is the Great Invocation. It's supposed to have three people who say it together, but even just saying it once

a day by yourself will help. The more people you can enlist to say it earnestly each day, the quicker it will be called into being. It goes like this:

From the point of light within the mind of GOD,

Let light stream forth into the minds of men.

Let light descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the heart of GOD,

Let love stream forth into the hearts of men,

May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the will of GOD is known,

Let Divine Purpose guide the wills of men,

The purpose that the Masters know and serve.

From the center, which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out,

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth.

Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth.

Let light and love and power restore the plan on Earth.



In 1971, when I first went to Maui, I ventured into the beautiful and remote valley of Huelo. Alone in nature, the jungle wilderness, I was determined to converse with GOD directly. I wandered down to a beautiful pool, and sat there, vowing that I would neither eat nor drink nor move from that jungle until GOD had given me an answer. As I sat there, the sky began to darken rapidly, with of giant black clouds gathering in thick mushrooming columns. The light grew so dim that I couldn't have seen the way back through the jungle. I was frightened and started climbing up towards the light, but it got darker and darker, so I sat down near the edge of the cliff. Then the lightning began. As I turned to look at it,

lightening flashed repeatedly only thirty feet before me, and the thunder reverberated around me. I felt the awesomeness of GOD’s presence. I stayed with GOD in the jungle, amid the mighty torrents of brilliant lightening and powerful thunder, while I spoke openly to His presence. When GOD and His storm departed, I was so filled with peace that I was content even to sit there while the mosquitoes made a feast of me. Later that night I was found by a kindly man who took me to his shelter where his wife, a Hawaiian kahuna, placed aloes on my entirely mosquito-bitten body. Overcome by this intense experience, I could not speak, and was satisfied to simply sit on a stone for the next twelve hours, meditating without moving or even drinking water. I was that absorbed in the power of my communion with GOD.



Visualize a shaft of light, like a laser beam, coming down through the top of your head. Then direct this condensed light energy to the place in your body that needs healing. Fill that place entirely with brilliant white light. Look with your mind's eye and find any shadowy places that need healing or that need enlightening. Direct the light energy to that place until it becomes filled with light. It's good to do your entire body with the brilliant white light of your laser beam. Also direct the pure white light to flood your memories,

cleansing, purifying and healing the record of everything you've ever done, all the causes and effects. You can use the "laser beam" of pure light to open and free your heart. You will experience more love if you will focus on the "laser beam" on your heart and it is so full that it overflows with love and free the "laser beam" of light

energy to focus on any dark areas of your brain. Doing this "laser beam" visualization as Yana Nada Shakti did some healing work on me, brought me into the state of Ananda, the ocean of bliss. I recommend it highly to everyone.



The first time I heard the Divine Sound Current, I was 15 years old. I was sitting near a waterfall, meditating, when I heard what sounded like a symphonic orchestra playing a stirring melody that I had never heard before. As I focused my attention on the inner and not the outer, it grew louder and more moving. It was an incredibly beautiful piece of music. Finally, the music became so loud and so exquisitely beautiful, I opened my eyes to see where it was coming from. My friends were right next to me, looking at me. Surprised, I jumped and the music stopped. I asked, "Did you hear that music? Where is it coming from?" And, they said, "It was coming from you." I found that very hard to believe, but I agreed to try to do it again. I sat and aligned my spine in the same way and tilted my head a little to the left, and there was the music again. The more I paid attention to it, the louder it got and more beautiful it became. This time when I opened my eyes, I was careful not to change the position of my spine. My friends were smiling, and they could indeed hear the music. That was the first time that ever happened.



At new years in 1991, I moved from Maui to California to be near Michel, a living master who came to meet me where I was living, at the beautiful Pualani estate on Maui where I lived for several years. The moment our eyes connected I knew he was a spiritual master and said so, to the amazement of everyone there. At first I thought he was Babaji for his masters gaze saw straight into my soul. At that time I felt compelled to give him a chalice of water, the meaning of which was reveled to me later. I stayed in California about six months and was living at The Buddha Field, Michel's ashram in North Hollywood, when GOD told me to move to Kauai. At that time I didn't know a soul in Kauai or where I would live or how I would afford it. As these questions came to mind, GOD answered that I should go where the sun rises from the sea. There I would find a beautiful home on a secluded beach where I could look out of my front window and see Sundancer in his pasture. The owner of the house had just decided to go long term, for his beach front house had been a vacation rental for years. He had just put up a for rent sign on the fence and already had several people interested. I was inspired to take a back road, far off the beaten path, which eventually wound down to the sea. I was guided to walk to the end of a private road where I saw the for rent sign on a turquoise blue fence. The moment I saw the peach colored house with turquoise trim and the magnificent view, I knew I was home. When I met my new land lord he was inspired to rent me the house because I was wearing the exact same colors (my favorite) that the house was. All my things were in storage on Maui. So, my new landlord, Bob Mansat, took me to the airport. I had purchased my ticket to Maui and checked in my suitcase. Then, as we were going through the x-ray checkpoint, there was a delay while taking time to inspect my computer. As I picked up my things, I noticed my purse was missing. In it was $350 in cash, all of my jewelry, my favorite photographs of my son and horse as well as my ticket, passport, credit cards and ID. I ran up to the gate where the plane was leaving with my luggage, but they wouldn't let me go aboard because I didn't have my plane ticket. We asked people and looked everywhere, even in the trashcans. My purse was nowhere to be found. Then I sat down for a moment and focused within. I focused on the point in the middle of my forehead where I always go to connect with GOD. Immediately I was filled with complete love and gratitude. Silently I prayed, "Oh GOD, I love you so much, thank you for my life and the experience of knowing you, thank you so much." In that moment I had forgotten completely about my loss and was awarded a treasure of Love. I felt calm and blissful.

When I opened my eyes, Bob said, "You're not like any person I know. You're not upset, you're not mad, you really are different." I said, "Eventually, we let go of everything, so I might as well learn how to be graceful about it now." As we passed the flower shop, I went in to smell the beautiful pikake (jasmine) leis, because the essence of those flowers is so healing for the soul. "You're amazing!” he said, "You just lost your money and jewelry and everything, and you still have time to smell the flowers." Suddenly a knowing optimism came over me. "I have a feeling that I will see my purse and all of my things again," I said. Bob replied, "Well, that would take a miracle!" Assuredly, I answered, "I think we're ready for a miracle."

From a distance we could see a ticket agent from Hawaiian Airlines run up to the security guard, gesturing excitedly. As we walked up, he said, "Are you Diana Leighland?" "Yes", I said. "Your purse containing your cash and jewelry is on its way back to you and will be here in an hour." I smiled at Bob. Astonished, he said, "Who found it?" The agent replied, "When the passengers disembarked in Honolulu, the stewardess was going through the cabin and discovered your purse laying on a seat. She picked it up and saw your name on the airplane ticket, and figured that you hadn't left yet. She called us immediately and asked us to look for you."



On the eve of April 29, 1992 I was talking with Sai Baba in a dream. We had been talking for sometime when I turned to him saying, "Your sweetness is beyond compare". Then we entered a treasure house of spiritual trinkets and artifacts. There were clusters of little silver bells and sacred ceremonial paraphernalia everywhere. With a wave of his arm, he said to me, "You can have everything you want." I looked around at all this stuff and said to myself, "This is all just stuff, so much junk." I turned to him, saying, "All I want is GOD." Then loud and clear, words came into my mind, saying, "And, when all you truly want is GOD, everything shall be added unto you." Sai Baba's eyes sparkled as he added, "That's right."

I had never read anything about Sai Baba before, but had checked out a book from the library entitled "My Baba and I" by Dr. John Hisop. Because of my dream, I was prompted to pick up the book and read it, and was surprised to find we feel the same way about so many things. In this book, Sathya Sai Baba says, "We are trying to discover GOD, searching for Him throughout the Universe. But we omit to investigate His existence within ourselves as the very core and keystone of our Being. When you discover yourself - your Self - all wailing ceases and you attain supreme happiness. This is real self-knowledge."(4.) Sai Baba also talks in the book about having a pure mind and experiencing GOD consciousness, and of how it is possible for each of us to have that GOD realization, but how few ever choose to go beyond their personal identity.

Upon reading this book, I came to the conclusion that to achieve full GOD consciousness I must change the seat of my identity. That I must no longer identify with my little self, Diana Leighland, and that I must vest my whole identity/being in GOD, the supreme absolute, indivisible identity. Suddenly, I felt quite relaxed and needed to lie down. Closing my eyes, I heard the angels singing and focused my attention on the feeling of my love for GOD. Simultaneously, I felt GOD’s love for me. With a pure mind, hearing the harmonic melody, I was feeling both GOD’s love and my love at the same time. This feeling grew and merged, as I became the One Love. As my heart expanded in this divine feeling of supreme joy, my consciousness was set free. Expanding with a feeling of exuberant freedom, my consciousness rushed out in every direction at once. Unlimited, unbounded, perfect freedom was my joy, and I soon expanded to a place where my identity was forgotten, and the earth was so minute it was of no consequence. The earth, like a tiny grain of sand merged into the heavenly cosmos of stellar light, ecstasy and supreme joy. My consciousness, pervading the vast universe, became the essence that powers the stars and gives life to all form. My feeling of freedom was infinite. All life was at once my essence and my form.

Time became eternity in my vast kingdom of Light. Then I felt the tug of that little identity mind that I was once confined to start pulling me back. Sai Baba's words that I had read came to my consciousness, reminding me that eventually thoughts always come and return one to the small prison of selfidentity. But, before this could eventuate, I resolutely denied that action, and expanded freely to full cosmic GOD consciousness, merging in the infinite almighty glory of being. In this place of being, there is no time, no limitation, no place that I am not. I am simultaneously everywhere and my infinite glory is replete.

After about 5 hours, I returned to this reality briefly. I picked up my Herkemer diamond ring (a double-terminated quartz crystal, a dream stone which makes dreams incredibly vivid and total recall easy), and I lay down beneath my copper pyramid and merged into a state of absolute peace. Into my consciousness came many persons in white hooded robes walking silently in procession and leading me through the sacred chambers of the Great Pyramid, and finally into the sarcophagus. I serenely allowed them to place me within the crypt. My arms were crossed over my chest. My absolute trust in GOD left no room for fear. A part of me knew that I would lie interned for days while my soul made its flight. The massive stones of the pyramid, the heavy lid of the crypt, and the utter darkness all around me gave me an incredible feeling of heaviness. However, I was able to remain absolutely serene in spite of this. I just experienced the feeling and focused on GOD. The Royal Road lay before me, expanding into a glistening silver sea as I exited the apparent confines surrounding me. The Royal Road leads directly to cosmic consciousness, total freedom and supreme bliss. Once again, I was in my true abode and drank deeply of the divine nectar, the glorious refreshing of life everlasting.



At dawn I was drawn into worldly consciousness by the memory of my responsibility to pick up Cy (sounds like Sai), one of my spiritual teachers whom I had not seen for ten years, at the airport. I felt as if I were in a daze. The world that we are accustomed to did not seem real to me at all, and I only wanted to merge back into GOD consciousness. At least I felt somewhat better, satisfied with the knowing that my "winged pharaoh" initiation had been a success. Before picking up Cy, I met my friends, Aarozz and Ave, who were leaving from the airport and were delighted to present me with a very special gift, verbuti (sacred ash) manifested from Sai Baba's own hand. Ave told me that they had decided to give me the verbuti the night before, but she had second thoughts about it because it was so precious to her. She looked for it upon her altar and it was missing. So she prayed, "Please, Sai Baba, show me where your verbuti is so that I can give it to Ilumina." Then, when she opened her eyes, the verbuti appeared right before her on her altar. She knew immediately that Sai Baba had kept it from her until her intention was clear to give it to me. They also gave me three books on Meher Baba's life. Cy was ecstatic when he saw me drive up. Bubbling over with enthusiasm, he took my right hand into both of his. I received a painful shock. All the nerves in my right hand and forearm were agitated. Cy had not experienced the shock and was concerned that he had hurt me. He told me that he had recently returned from Stonehenge and must have been charged with energy from the geomancy there. Feeling his power, I asked Cy to vow that he would respect my spiritual energy and that of my home, my temple, and that he would leave it the way that he found it, without consciously or unconsciously changing the vibratory rate I had established. He happily gave me his word. Cy is a master of geomancy, sacred geometry, and has developed his spiritual powers to a great extent. He was teaching "The Illumined Way" at a college in Honolulu and was building a replica of Stonehenge on Mount Tantalus.

Within the hour I realized that the charge that I had felt was actually helping to ground me and was easing my re-entry into Planet Earth consciousness. As the hours passed, I felt myself gliding in like the Space Shuttle for a smooth landing.



Cy is a clear light of integrity and congruency. Masterfully, he enrolled me into planning my life's work, and set up time frames for goals to be achieved. By the end of the day, I was enthusiastically feeling good about my purpose in life here on Earth. Imbued with a sense of well being, I realized that my plans for re-establishing paradise on Earth could come to fruition within five years.

The next morning, as I read about Meher Baba's life, I realized the "Divine Setup" of perfect timing and events for my liberation of cosmic consciousness and the gentle re-entry to human life. When Meher Baba experienced cosmic consciousness, he didn't have anyone to guide him back and was in a daze for two years. For the first nine months he couldn't even feed himself, and then when he finally was again able to function on the human level, it was with great spiritual suffering. I understand that once you have become one with absolute Infinite Bliss and unbounded freedom, it could be hard, to say the least, to identify on the human level if one felt imprisoned in this human body and shackled to the confines of limited consciousness. Ever since Ananda Moyi Ma (a lady master from India) realized GOD consciousness and became that pure Love, her disciples have had to spoon-feed her like a baby. Another example of this phenomenon are the "Masts" in India who are people so GOD-intoxicated that they can't take care of themselves at all. It was so perfect for Cy to come exactly when he did and enroll me in my purpose in the Divine Plan to re-establish heaven on Earth. In this way, he got me to be enthusiastic about my divine purpose on Earth, which makes it easy for me to be here. If he hadn't have come exactly when he did, right after I received cosmic consciousness, I might have dived into Infinite Bliss forever.

Thank goodness GOD, in His infinite mercy, arranged this Divine Setup for me to be safely guided back into being happy in my life on Earth while living in this beautiful paradise in Hawaii. It is comforting to know that I can be in GOD consciousness on a cosmic level as well as in individualized GOD consciousness on this earthly plane. In my meditation, before entering cosmic consciousness, Sai Baba instructed me to put verbuti on my throat chakra as well as on my third eye and crown chakras, and to eat some also. This he had me do so that I might express this ineffable, mystical experience of cosmic consciousness to share with you.



GOD told me, "Move to Kauai and you will find a place right on the ocean where you will be able to see the sunrise from the sea and look out your front window

and see Sundancer in his pasture." So I came, without knowing anyone, and ended up in the most beautiful place I have ever been. I live on a beautiful bay on the Northeast Shore of Kauai. I oversee a 164 acre ranch, where Sundancer lives in a pasture with a half-mile of beach frontage. He sees no fences and could walk away, but he is quite content up in the hills being the "king of the mountain". His only tether is Love, which allows his wild horse spirit to roam with a sense of freedom upon this sacred land. In the mornings, I hike up to meditate on the beautiful sun as it rises from the sea. The golden light is transforming me into my true GOD self. The beauty is sublime, exquisite beyond description, as the Lord of Light fills me with Love each day. I have chosen to live in nature in Hawaii now for twenty-three years, on four different islands, in the most beautiful pristine places in America. Asking GOD for inspiration, I receive visions, revelations and new technologies. GOD has given me inspiration for such beautiful stories that I have shared them with other people who have been inspired to invest money so that I could live and continue my work developing the stories into films. Money has also come from unexpected sources. This inflow of abundance has allowed me to continue living in the most beautiful places, without having to work for anyone else, since I first began working for GOD in 1979. I ask GOD about practically everything that I do or that I'm contemplating doing. I always get an answer, and it is always right. In the past I found that when I didn't follow this guidance, I ended up having to re-do whatever I was doing.



In 1979, I was living in Waimanalo on the island of Oahu. I had been writing one of my screen plays, "ASTARA." One day while swimming in the ocean, I looked up and saw a man in a white suit with a white beard and white hair and a black beret. An artist, I thought. Then an inner voice spoke and said, "He's your master, and he has come to teach you." I remembered that when Paramahansa Yogananda first saw his master and knew that he was the one, he went up to the master and bowed down and touched his foot.

As I was swimming towards the shore, I felt compelled as if the energy were moving me towards this man. I looked up and saw that he was smiling at me. I abandoned my self-consciousness and walked right up to this stranger and knelt down and touched his foot. He smiled and motioned for me to follow. He took me to the house next door where there were many of his disciples. They were all beautiful young women, who were celibate, spoke English as well as French, and acted as his interpreters. They were writing books and took notes on everything he said, so that they could compile his teachings into volumes. I found out that his name was Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov. He was the head of the

Universal White Brotherhood and had an ashram in the South of France. Omraam and his entourage were on a retreat in Waimanalo. He invited me to join them the next morning. For the next five weeks, I got up every morning at 3:30 AM and bathed and prepared myself to go out and contemplate the rising sun. A practice that was taught to me by Master Omraam is this: to enlighten your mind, behold the Light of GOD by contemplating our golden star of light, the rising sun. The light enters through your eyes, stimulating your pineal gland, which is the seat of your soul. Let the Light of GOD permeate your body, every cell, with its divine life-giving rays that emanate from the pure love of GOD.

After the sun rose, we would all gather in a circle on their lawn and he would speak to me for a couple of hours, encouraging me to ask him about anything I wanted to know about. Each day I chose the topics and the young women interpreted for us. When they were leaving to go back to France, they asked me to come and stay at

their ashram, but I had never had the inclination to go to Europe at all, nor to India. I think that on a inner level my soul-call was so great, that GOD compelled the Masters to come to me. I've read that the master chooses the student. I thank GOD for His Grace in sending me such wonderful teachers who have revealed Truths to me and who have guided me along the path to the realization of my own divinity. Omraam taught me to behold the Light of GOD. He didn't speak English and I didn't speak French, but we communicated on a soul level.

Years later, I met one of Omraam's chief disciples, Doug Ivanovitch. He told me that he had been with him in France and that there were 5,000 people with him each day, Omraam meditating on the sunrise. They loved him so dearly that they would do anything just to sit in the place where he had sat. He was truly revered. I am just amazed that GOD put him right next door to me, then told me he was my master and that he had come to teach me. It was so divinely set up. GOD is so wonderful. Hearing His voice informing me of this master reaffirmed (and what an affirmation!) that I truly did hear the voice of GOD. These days I wouldn't live anywhere else except where I can watch the sun rise

from the sea and behold it all year round. The Light of GOD will enlighten your mind and illuminate your soul, and fill your heart with the warmth of GOD’s radiant love. You may read Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov's books, and I have listed his distributors in the bibliography. The greatest thing the Masters bring to a disciple is their model of excellence that fans the spark within the soul. The Masters are the finest living example of their teachings, and provide cosmic insight, which is the consciousness of spiritual values. That's the true Grace of having a living Master, because they are right there, living their truth and righteousness. They are what I call "morally fragrant," and morally fragrant persons are contagious with virtue!



Omraam said: "The great Universal White Brotherhood has made its appearance on Earth because it has been decided above to engage humanity with a new current. The meaning of life is to participate with the elder brothers, helping humanity to become one family. For the entire world to become one family, the element of

brotherhood is essential. "You say to yourself, "I want to change, I want to transform myself by working for a divine ideal." This ideal will then grow and grow until saints and

geniuses and prophets invade the world with all their benedictions and blessings. Nothing is more important than this work." "This is what we must build, a Universal Brotherhood, so that people and nations can be conscious of unity and live in outer and inner wealth and abundance." Omraam said that if heaven would ever give him the opportunity to speak to the world, this is what he would say: "Hear me all you rich and poor, learned and ignorant!,..the reason you are in trouble, the reason for all your problems and difficulties is that you do not know what is in your best interest. If it is a question of making a profit out of something or someone, of finding excitement, of fighting, then you are ready. But when it is a question of creating the right conditions for all mankind to live in happiness and peace, there is no one! All because you have no idea

where your interests lie. You are not really seeking happiness. If you were you would unite in order to obtain it, you would do anything to create it!"

("The Great Universal White Brotherhood is not a sect", Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,

Editions Prosveta, 1982)



Maha means great and avatar means incarnation. Combine the two words into Mahavatar, it means Divine Incarnation and is a title of Babaji. One who is filled with spiritual knowledge is called Babaji. Baba means one who knows material and spiritual. One who is established in both of these spheres of knowledge is called Babaji.


In 1972 I moved to Puako on the Big Island. It was my third time to live in Puako, and some kindly local people had given me an oceanfront cottage to live in for a few months. I had taken a vow of silence, so I could commune only with GOD and had moved to this place where no one knew me, and I knew that I would not be disturbed. On the third day, I heard someone calling my name, "Diane, Diane", in a strange Hindi accent. There, sitting on top of a banyan tree, wearing only a loincloth was a young Indian man with bright copper colored hair. I could not believe my eyes, and was rather perturbed because I had determined to be silent and wasn't planning on being in a conversation with anyone.

When he came down, I told him that I didn't need anyone to take care of the yard or anything. He said, "I've come to teach you. I'll be here for one month." I was flabbergasted. Who was this guy? He said, "Now the first thing we have to do is to put you on a fast." He immediately climbed right up the coconut tree as if gravity didn't affect him. He easily cut off some coconuts, came down from the tree and cut them open and gave me the water to drink. I conceded to let him stay, but not in the house, and for the next three days, I drank only coconut water.

Every night I locked all the windows and the door, and every morning at five o'clock there he would be, standing before me in my room, saying, "Diane, time to get up and start the new day. It's time for your lessons."

Babaji was quite a coach and put me through, what I call "Avatar training". He was a big advocate of running, and I hadn't run for years. He gave me a mantra, "Om mane pudme hum" to chant as I ran. The beach near my house was one-third of a mile long, and we would run down it three times, which was a mile. At the beginning, I could hardly run at all. I was pushing myself along, and it was hard. Babaji would just run along, leaping like a gazelle, never being winded. I said, "Babaji, why do you run so freely, and it is so hard for me?" He taught me a little secret about how to use the forces of gravity to my advantage. It works, and from then on, I never had to push myself along. I learned how to let the denser gravity of heavier bodies, like the sun or the rocks at the end of the beach, pull me.

Within three months I could run seven miles and not be winded or tired. It was wonderful. My legs toned up really well. After my run, Babaji would have me swim, and we would go far out in the ocean until I was exhausted. He would say, "Now it's time for your `little death.' It's good to die daily; it's good for your soul. You must learn to let go." He would push me under the water, catapult me upside down and move me in circles until I couldn't tell which way was up. I would be spinning around with so much fear, and then finally I would just let go. When I did, I relaxed and would bob right up to the top and there he would be, waiting for me. He said that it's good to die daily; it's good to let go. Within a month, I finally quit struggling altogether. He appreciated my advancement in consciousness. After our swim and my "little death," it was time to do yoga.

Babaji was a Yoga Master. There was a long sandy hill down to the beach, and once he did something like a somersault all the way down the hill. Each time his legs would go up, they would go into the full lotus position. Then, as he would turn over, his legs would stretch out and he would drag his big toes around the sand, then he would contract and fold under into the lotus position, go up again then down and drag his toes around. He went all the way down the hill like that maybe a dozen times. I just looked at him in awe, and I said, "How do you do that?" He said, "Oh, the asanas aren't what's important, it's the perfect circles that count." I looked up the hill and saw a dozen perfect circles in the sand.

Babaji always leapt like a gazelle. He seemed like a young man, although I've read in "Autobiography of a Yogi" that he is, indeed, a deathless saint who has chosen to stay on Earth to help prophets with their special dispensations. He is the head of the Kryia Yoga lineage. I was initiated into Kryia Yoga (the breathless state) sometime later by Swami Hari Hariananda who was a friend of Paramahansa Yogananda for they lived and studied together in Sri Yukteswar's (sp?) Ashram in India until Yogananda came to the United States.  After our yoga routine, we would do a sweat lodge. To do this, we would sit in a small tent on towels and let the sun beat down, making it hot like a sauna inside. We would sit there and sweat for an hour or more. During that time, he welcomed my questions, and gave me discourses on whatever topics I wanted.

Babaji never ate, the whole time I was with him. It made me very uncomfortable. I didn't know why he didn't eat, and I wanted to. I remember that I gave him bread, peanut butter and jelly and things like that. He graciously accepted them, but he didn't eat them.

When the month was up, he said, "I'm going back to my home in the Himalayas." I said, "Can I give you a ride to the airport?" He laughed and said, "Oh, no, no I won't be needing a plane." I brought out my camera and I took a couple of pictures of him. He was perturbed and he said, "Your pictures will not work with me." I looked at him, and said, "Please, Babaji let me take your picture, it means so much to me. How will I ever remember you?" With that, he consented to let me take his picture. As I took his picture, he gazed at me in a way that pierced my soul. I never felt anything like that before. I said, "What did you do that for?"


When I got the film back from the laboratory, sure enough the two pictures just before the shot he had consented to had nothing on them, just as he had said. I am so grateful to have had the personage of this great Mahavatar, an incarnation of the spirit of GOD, come to teach me.

There was so much that I learned from this gentle copper-haired superman. How divinely I was blessed with his "moral fragrance." Once I asked him, "Babaji, why did you come to teach me?" And he answered, "Because you have great potential to affect the world, and I have come to be sure you use it for good."

There are many people who seek out Babaji in India, who climb all the way up into the Himalayan Mountains to try to find him. Yet, he came half way across the world to be with me. His ability to travel, using mind over matter, at the speed of thought, to any destination he desires, inspired my screenplay, "StarDancer," which I plan to make into a film. Babaji and I did spiritual practices and physical training from before sunup to sundown every day. Aside from all that, he imparted to me so much more, in subtle ways; the divine consciousness he possesses. He was so down to earth that I felt natural treating him as a teacher and friend. I didn't realize who he really was, THE great Mahavatar.

Page 309 of "Autobiography of a Yogi", talks about Babaji, the Yogi Christ of modern India, while in remote seclusion in the Himalayas: "On another occasion Babaji's sacred circle was disturbed by the arrival of a stranger. He had climbed with astonishing skill to the nearly inaccessible ledge near the guru's camp. "Sir, you must be the great Babaji." The man's face was lit with inexpressible reverence. "For a month I have pursued a ceaseless search for you amongst these forbidding crags. I implore you to accept me as a disciple." When the guru made no response. The man pointed to the rock-lined chasm below the ledge. "If you refuse me, I will jump from this mountain. Life has no further value if I cannot win your guidance to the Divine." "Jump then", Babaji said unemotionally, "I cannot accept you in your present state of development". The man immediately hurled himself over the cliff. Babaji instructed the shocked disciples to fetch the stranger's body. After they had returned with the mangled form, the Master placed his hand on the dead man. Lo! He opened his eyes and prostrated himself humbly before the omnipresent guru. "You are now ready for discipleship," Babaji beamed on his now resurrected chela. You have courageously passed a difficult test. Death shall not touch you again; now you are one of our immortal flock.' Then he spoke his usual words of departure, "Dera danda uthao;" the whole group vanished from the mountains. The test concerned obedience. When the illumined Master said, "Jump", the man obeyed. Had he hesitated he would have disproved his ascertainment that he considered his life worthless without Babaji's guidance. Had he refused, he would have revealed that he lacked complete trust in the guru. "Therefore, though drastic and unusual, the test was a perfect one under the circumstances." He also required that of me. Without even knowing that he was a great guru, I trusted him enough to place my life in his hands and face death beneath the ocean waves each day. About six weeks later, my estranged husband left me to drown at a depth of 90 feet under water. We were scuba diving and he got me a new regulator that he did not let me test before our deep cave dive on the Big Island of Hawaii. My new regulator malfunctioned, and when I swam to my "buddy" for help, he waved goodbye to me and swam away. I was left to drown, but I was used to facing death in the sea so I did not panic. I turned to GOD asking what to do. GOD said, swim that way... so I did until I was out of air and still did not see anyone. Then GOD said, look down. There, beneath me was a diver in a cave. I swam to him and he shared his air. I took a deep breath then ascended all the way to the top blowing out the whole way to decompress. Somehow, Babaji must have known the impending fate of my karma and that I would surely face death far below the ocean waves, so he trained me to prepare me so I would survive. I owe my life to Babaji and his timely underwater "little death" lessons.

The northern Himalayan crags near Badrinarayan are still blessed by the living presence of Babaji. The secluded Master has retained his physical form for centuries, perhaps for millenniums. The deathless Babaji is an avatar. This Sanskrit word signifies the descent of divinity into flesh. Whenever you speak with reverence the name of Babaji, you are attracting instant spiritual blessings. For his disciple, Mahuimaja, Babaji materialized a golden palace. This was done because Mahui had the desire and the karma to be in a golden palace. The only way to free him from this karmic load was for his master, Babaji, to create it for him. This is talked about in "Autobiography of a Yogi". Babaji was responsible for resurrecting the lost Kriya art. Paramahansa Yogananda, who was in the lineage of Babaji, brought Kryia Yoga to America and started the Self Realization Fellowship.

Babaji said that the greatest of virtues, pleasing to GOD above all others, is humility. We should never criticize others, but see GOD residing in everyone's heart, whether they seem superior or inferior to us. When I was with Babaji, I didn't realize who he was, that he was a great avatar and I treated him as I would treat anyone else, as a friend and teacher, but without the respect and reverence that I am sure he deserves. Maybe he wanted it that way, because he was so humble and he asked for nothing. I treated him as an equal; not as a revered master. He told me his name is Babaji, and when I asked him what that meant, he simply said, "Father." I hadn't read about him at any length, and I didn't really know who he was even though he performed miracles. When he took me out for "my little death" each day into the ocean, and spun me around underneath the water as he did until I couldn't tell which was up anymore, I was so engrossed in my own fear and what was happening in me, that it didn't occur to me how he was doing that. Every time I got to the surface, he would be there, just floating there as though he was not doing anything.



Yana Nada Shakti is a lady Master who came to me in 1984 after being in India at Swami Satchananda's ashram for ten years. She told me that GOD told her to go to Hawaii, and so she flew to Maui, just going on her intuition. The very day she arrived, she saw a sign that said, Hana, and following her divine guidance, went straight there. I was living in Kipahulu at the time. For some unknown reason, I was compelled to go into Hana that day. When I got there, I wondered, "What am I doing here?" I saw this beautiful girl with long blonde hair walking up to me. She said, "We have a lot to do together." I answered, "Then you'd better get in." She climbed into my 4-wheel drive van, and away we went, home to the beautiful tropical farm. She stayed in a cottage there for the next four months. Every day we did satsang. Satsang means, "When people get together to reveal spiritual truths." She taught me everything she learned at the ashram, and every day we did toning, meditation and invocation. Everyday we blessed the sacred land with the energy GOD endowed us with during satsang. Nature responded so magnificently. Beginning from when she arrived until the following year, while I continued the practices each day, it only rained at night and all day it was beautiful and sunny. The fresh water pools were perfect to swim in that whole year. The mangoes ripened all year round. Mangoes are my favorite fruit. Usually they are seasonal. But, during that whole year, I could go out and pick a perfect mango every day. Yana does powerful healing work with her toning. When she worked with me, as I visualized a laser beam, which I created with my mind and focused into my heart. I felt the weight of armor fall away, and I dove into a limitless expanse of pure joy without end, swimming in an infinite ocean of bliss. Christ appeared before me, and I said, "What are you doing here?" He answered, "I live here." I said, "Yana, I'm swimming in an ocean of bliss", and she said, "Ananda, you have reached the state of Anananda." Yana helped me in the garden, and we prepared beautiful organic vegetarian meals. It was truly a blessed time.


In 1986 I was initiated into Kryia Yoga by Swami Harihari Ananda from India. Swami was about 95 years old, with a flowing white beard and hair, and he looked like the perfect master. He was a disciple of Sri Yukteswar which was also Paramahansa Yogananda's master. They had lived together in the ashram in India. Swami Harihari Ananda stayed in India while Paramahansa Yogananda came to America to start the Self Realization Fellowship. About 20 seekers gathered in Kihei, Maui, to have satsang with Swami and receive initiation. When he called me forward, he touched my belly and I felt a current of electrical energy that vibrated within me. After he touched me, I sat down to meditate and heard the angels singing in harmony. I was in bliss, and became so peaceful that I realized I wasn't breathing. When I became aware, one part of my mind became curious and I wondered if I could go on in this state of pure bliss without breathing. I opened my eyes, and there on the wall was a clock, so I noted the time and then merged into the exquisite melodies of the Divine Sound Current. I experienced total peace in the breathless state. When the Swami called us out of the meditation, I looked at the clock and 35 minutes had gone by without me taking a breath. I have never experienced such profound peace and divine bliss before in my whole life. Swami's touch was truly a blessing. I spoke to the other people who were initiated that day afterwards, and none of them felt anything when he touched them, and none of them had an experience of achieving the breathless state, which is the ultimate goal of Kryia Yoga. I learned that some masters and disciples sit in meditation for 40 years to achieve this goal. Here I had received it the first time that I meditated, by the Master's grace. What a divine blessing it is to be in the company of such noble personages of spiritually enlightened masters and saints. The fragrance of their inner beauty is inhaled by the pure heart of the disciple who is receptive, and is so blessed by the saintly countenance of the master that it rubs off on the disciple like spiritual pollen impregnating the soul with divine ideals.



The great Masters work ceaselessly to help us become perfected and help us to manifest in our lives the perfection and dominion that Jesus did. St. Germaine is a great Ascended Master, who lived for millennia upon the earth in a deathless form. He was known as the "wonder man of Europe" who knew the answers to everything and never grew old. He was called Hermes back in Greece. He looked for hundreds of years for someone who could bring forth the light and the knowledge and Truth of the mighty "I AM". He finally found someone in America who, by the pen name of GODfre Ray King, wrote the book "Unveiled Mysteries" about his encounters with St. Germaine. He also started the St. Germaine Foundation and the St. Germaine Press. I highly suggest reading books by St. Germaine. St. Germaine changed my life, and I owe my positivity and abundance to this great Master. In the fall of 1991, a pocket sized copy of the book, "The I AM Discourses, Volume III" appeared on my altar. During the next three months I went through great emotional discord. I was being severely tested by Lucifer, embodied in a man that I was with. He did things to me, that he said, if I had done them to him, he would have committed suicide. Well, I never contemplated suicide, but I was very distraught, and then one day I picked up the book and started reading it. It absolutely changed my life and set me on a course of right action and right thinking, which caused me to reclaim my harmony, my peace, and my good fortune.

I am so thankful to St. Germaine, I cannot begin to tell you. I ended up buying the whole series of his books for Christmas and reading the lessons as well. St. Germaine taught me about the Violet Flame, the Consuming Flame of Divine Love that has been given forth from his own heart to consume the discordant energies that have been released into the atmosphere by people who express feelings of anger, rage and other negative emotions. For, when you experience a feeling like that and you express it, you release it into the atmosphere. The atmosphere becomes charged with the negative, discordant energy and all life becomes affected in a negative fashion. When you call upon the Violet Consuming Flame and you visualize the beautiful Flame, starting at your feet, and enveloping you and your aura, it will consume all the discordant energy within your body and your aura. It will set you free from discord. I call upon the Violet Flame to go before me and to consume all the discordant energy in the atmosphere and transform it back into GOD’s pure energy. I also call upon the Violet Flame to go out from me, consuming all discordant energy in the atmosphere and to continue on until every bit of disharmony and every bit of negativity has been consumed and transformed back into GOD’s pure Divine Love. This is a great vocation and invocation. I would call upon all the servers of the Light, all the lovers of Life, all the Divine people who are becoming their true selves, to call upon the Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Love. To put an end to limitation, lack, disharmony and discord once and for all - within us, within our auras, within our world. So I call upon you to do this service for all of us and for every living thing. One of the greatest things that St. Germaine ever taught me was the idea to forgive everyone that I've ever hurt or who has ever hurt me and to consciously send love to those beings before I go to sleep. I felt thirty pounds lighter the first night that I did this. St. Germaine asks readers in one of his books to stand up with him and call for the forgiveness of every person who has ever lived for every mistake they have ever made. I do that every day. I would love it if you would do that too. St. Germaine is really into us realizing the mighty "I AM Presence", the Magic Presence of GOD within us. He teaches that if we use the words, "I AM" constructively and purposefully, that we can create our worlds exactly the way we want them to be. Through St. Germaine's teachings I learned that self-mastery was possible by mastering my own thoughts and feelings, so that I can have harmony uninterrupted, every moment of my life. Then I can consciously utilize the great GOD power flowing into my use every moment, and qualify it constructively. It became clear to me that how I think, what I say and what I feel determines whether my world will be created in lack, discord and disease, or in abundance, health and wealth. I choose the later!

When I went to meditate at Notre Dame in France, I was deep in meditation and suddenly felt compelled to open my eyes. There before me stood a smiling man who reached forth his hand to give me something. When I opened my hand I saw a beautiful gold medallion of the holy Mother. The man looked at me admiringly while giving me his blessing and then took his leave. We never spoke but I had a feeling it was St. Germain.



When my ten perfect Masters were with me, they taught me a great deal by their instruction, but I received far more from their words and deeds. Just being in the presence of their radiance, I was filled with the divine infusion of Spirit, which filled me with teachings as if by osmosis. Their radiance is of GOD, that same spirit of GOD in me, that acquired the attributes of their goodness, the morality of their teachings, and the inner knowingness of right choices to make. Having my Masters come to me, without my knowing who they were, and receiving what I did in their holy company, now I look back and consider the teachings and consider what I am reading about them in books by other Masters or by themselves, that espouse the teachings. I find that, by my own volition, I have come to the same realizations, the same revelations as they have taught, as they have lived; by an inner prompting of my own soul's growth. I found that when a saint or spiritual Master spends time with a sincere seeker of GOD, there is more that transpires than the words, which they say, or the initiations they perform. There is transmition that comes forth from the heart of truth directly into the soul of the sincere aspirant. This is the real communication of GOD to the soul. That is why, when in the presence of one who is ordained in discovering the will of the living GOD and is honestly trying to do that Divine Will, there is a spirit of idealistic beauty. That is the gift from one GOD-minded soul to another. I found that when I was with my masters, be they saints or gurus, they had a spiritual essence exuding from them, and I received peace. This "spiritual fragrance" is in their aura, so when I inhaled it, I became what I was taking in. This essence breathed into me and ignited the Divine Spark within. It called me to realize that, within my being, is the Great Self far beyond that which can ever be described.


I focused on God a lot through my life, and He has spoken to me occasionally, always with miraculous consequences. My life was spared on numerous occasions, from horrific car crashes to attempted murder. By listening to God’s Guidance, I have overcome many seeming tragedies and recovered from crippling connective tissue disease. When doctors gave me no hope of recovery from an autoimmune disease that landed me in a wheelchair, I was led by God’s Unerring Guidance to a remarkable recovery. I have endured many broken bones, including a broken back, and all these have healed completely. When I was healing, I had more time to focus on improving my spiritual life, so I made God my full-time job.

In 1991 I focused on Him five to seven hours each day for nine months. Each morning I hiked up a remote sea cliff an hour before dawn. There I sat in God- Contemplation* for an hour before sunrise. Every day I felt His Divine Love and experienced ultimate peace. I reached the breathless state and experienced cosmic consciousness. God always opened my eyes the exact moment the sun began to rise, so I could behold His Light. Dolphins gathered by the hundreds in the sea below me.

Motionless, they floated, their dorsal fins rising above the surface of the water. Then, when I rose and stretched forth my hands to bless them, they would all jump at once, spinning with glee. Beyond them, families of great Humpback whales gathered, and closer in to the shore, ancient sea turtles clustered together below me. Above me, giant albatross’ circled overhead, while my horse and little dog stood at attention before me. They all lined up for my blessing, for they loved receiving the gift of God’s Pure Energy. I spoke aloud, blessing the creatures of the air, the land, and the sea. Then my blessing also reached out to you, flowing all around the world, gracing every person and all life everywhere.

Earlier, in 1981, Jesus had come to me in Spirit. He said, “I want to come through you.” Thinking that He wanted to be born into the world again, I got pregnant that very month. I gave birth to a son, whom I called Jesse Kuhio Kalani (which means, God’s gracious gift, a prince of Heaven). Jesse is, indeed, heaven sent. He is so filled with nurturing love and helpful wisdom that at Hana grade school, his class made up a special award, to honor him for being the most caring and sharing child in his school. But, ten years later, in 1991, when I was blessing all the world, Jesus came to me again, exactly as He had in the past. Again He said, “I want to come through you.” Confused, I said, “I gave birth to Jesse so you could walk the earth again.” Then Jesus said with extra emphasis on the last word this time, “I want to come through YOU.”

When God asked me to be His emissary, I was worried that I wasn’t good enough, or pious enough, or serious enough. I was always kidding around, so I thought that I’d better change my demeanor. Then He told me not to change a thing. He said, “Be light and joyful. Your laughter is especially loved by Me, and the Angels adore it.” He said He loved me just the way I was and that when anything needed to be changed in me, He would make the changes.

In 1978, I asked God to take care of my financial needs so that I could work for Him full time, and He has provided for me in many surprising ways. God has also given me the ability to heal others, from migraine headaches to depression. He asked me to write about the miracles He brought into my life during Our Adventures Together, which is the subject of my forthcoming autobiography. Working for God through the years, I have written two screenplays and have compiled manuscripts for fifteen books thus far. Writing was hard for me, for I had to overcome both dyslexia and being an atrocious speller.

When I took the screenplay I had written for God to Hollywood, I met Gene Roddenberry, who offered me the opportunity to have a starring role, as a very spiritual, celibate alien in his first movie, “Star Trek, the Motion Picture.” But, following God’s Guidance, I turned him down, as well as an opportunity to star in the screenplay I had written. Saying no to these opportunities was the hardest test for me; but God had a greater career planned for me: a life devoted only to Him, far away from the distractions of the fast-paced, worldly, city life, where I could become divine by focusing my attention on God alone. He showed me a vision of a beautiful paradise, a pristine beach where the sun rose from the sea with a hillside pasture for my horse, SunDancer. So I moved to Kauai and after some searching, found the promised land.

In 1996, God asked me to record His Words for the new millennium verbatim. He asked me to bring a little hand held recorder when I came to commune with Him, rather than later trying to remember what I thought I had heard Him say. God also asked me to change my name to I AM. It was challenging, because I felt people would scrutinize me, or think I was crazy, or judge me as being egotistical for claiming I was God. Oh, how I wished He had asked me to build an ark instead... (not that I could have!) But now, I am happy that I did change my name and I know He’s happy too, because every time I meet someone in His Name, I AM, the conversation always leads straight to God.

I AM is God, because the Great I AM is alive and conscious in everything, as everything. Every one of us is divinely blessed to be part of God’s unfolding miracle of love and life. I feel so reverent to know that I am part of God, that His very Spirit is at the core of my being, that He talks to me, and guides me, and gives me His Divine Love. Now He wants to do that for you too.

People often ask me how I hear God. When I was younger, talking to God was like a one-way telephone conversation. I did all the talking and then hung up with a reverent “Amen.” One day, I was inspired to listen. I decided to still my thoughts. It is impossible to think our own thoughts and hear God’s Thoughts at the same time, because He will never intrude upon our thoughts. And so, I had to really focus on listening and not let any thoughts come to mind. It was hard at first. Sometimes He would only give me one word and I would have to wait for ten minutes to get the next one. And then, when I got a word wrong, one I thought He was going to say, or a thought came to mind getting in the way, He would stop. Then I would have to go back and see where I had gotten it wrong and begin again. He was very careful not to let me get any words wrong.

At our core, every one of us refers to ourselves as I am, though usually in the context of “I am hungry,” or “I am full.” God created us in His Image and His Divine Spirit lives in us, as us. When we seek His Inner Guidance and choose to do His Will, we become godly. By contemplating God’s Divine Nature and feeling Divine Love, we eventually become divine personalities who identify with God’s Holy Spirit, rather than thinking what we have been taught to believe, which is that we are ego based identities, unworthy of and separate from God.

When we experience a divine merger with God’s Indwelling Spirit, we are elevated to the joyous throne of Heaven within. There, we celebrate a Divine Marriage of Sacred Spirit, and become Temples of the Most High Living God!

I have aligned my will with His Will, and my soul is filled with His Holy Spirit. I realize that I AM God’s Living Temple. I have invited Him to speak up whenever He likes. Now, He wants to speak through me, to everyone on Earth.

Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” Jesus realized God’s presence within Himself and received God’s Divine Love and Guidance directly. He spoke God’s thoughts, proclaiming, “I AM the light of the world.” He tried to explain to people, saying, “These things I tell you, I say not of myself. It is the Father within me that doeth the works.” But, unless people have had a firsthand experience of God within themselves, it is a very hard concept to understand, especially when they have been taught to believe that God is a mighty fearful Deity that lives somewhere else. Believing it was heresy and blasphemy to profess union with God, many people thought Jesus was egotistically speaking about himself, and so, misunderstood His teachings and condemned Him. Jesus said that we are all sons and daughters of God. Jesus said, “These things and greater things shall ye do also.” Let us prove Him right by realizing Heaven on Earth now in this new millennium.


Excerpts from my new Book, How to Be Healthy:

In Moloa’a’ Bay, Kauai in 1991, God instructed me to go on a fresh organic fruit & Spirulina smoothie diet, which lasted nine months.

Important World Events:

At the Oregon Country Fair In 1994, The Goddess I AM looked deeply into the eyes of the Devil and he was changed back into a good and brilliant Angel of light.

World Peace Invocation in the Great Pyramid in Egypt, 1993.