Goddess Sanctuary

Volunteer or be an eco-tourist at this beautiful nature sanctuary / organic homestead on the Big Island of Hawaii in the midst of an enchanted Mango forest, just one mile from a black sand beach. Rated as the cleanest air in the northern hemisphere, we rarely get VOG.

Vegetarian and tobacco-smoke-free, this organic sanctuary is planted with a variety of mature fruit trees including: Rollina, Coconut, Banana, Papaya, Pineapple, Breadfruit, Mango, Avocado, Jackfruit, Mountain Rose Apple, Tangerine, Guava, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Noni, Coffee, Cacao, Figs, Dragon Fruit, Thimble Berries, Surinam Cherries, Passion Fruit, Mamaki and Moringa. There are songbirds, singing frogs, doves, butterflies, honeybees, bunnies, a horse and a poodle.

A minimum one month stay, volunteers work 20 hours a week, in 5 hour shifts, 4 days a week  with 3 days off per week, (or $50/night with a 3 night minimum) for lodging in the 40’ long, 300 sq. ft interior, cedar lined, stainless steel, Class A RV, which includes fruit and cocos you harvest to eat here . You provide and prepare the rest of your food. Many volunteers use food stamps. A $300 cleaning/lodging/security deposit is required from each volunteer.

The RV has one queen-size bed, plus an optional queen air bed, one extra long cot, and a folding mattress, table & chairs, solar electric lights, a garden view and nature sanctuary yard with a shower, sink, and composting toilet. The camp kitchen has a table/bar and tall chairs, grill, with propane stove top, a large propane refrigerator, solar electric lights, electric battery charger & a kitchen sink. I provide cooking utensils, bed linens and dishes for you to use.

For the sake of the honeybees, Please keep cell phones in Airport Mode while on the property. Hard-wired internet cable my be available here.  There is a free wi-fi hot spot just 1 mile away at the Hawaii Star Visitors Sanctuary where there is a country store, two farmers markets, a cafe and a Awa Bar, with Hula shows and music at the Wednesday night farmer’s market and dancing on the weekends.

You can go hiking on new lava fields that begin just half a mile away. If you are interested, check with the host about a Massage, Horse riding lessons or Bicycles to ride down the scenic “Red Road” and the new black sand beach at the that’s less than 2 miles away.  You can swim with the dolphins at dawn at Kehena Beach, 5 miles from here and there is a 1960′s style beach party on Sundays and a nearby gathering on the Seaview oceanfront lawn. Kalani Oceanside Resort is 6 miles, where you can get a pool pass to enjoy the hot tubs, sauna, swimming pool and gym. Kalani serves three meals a day and you can visit their gift shops or take part in many yoga, watsu, art, and many more classes, or get a massage, and there is a free-style Ecstatic dance on Sunday mornings attended by over a hundred people. There is also dancing on Thursday nights at the Garden Temple, just a couple of miles from here. You may book a Divine message and Spiritual healing with the Goddess, I AM.

The Hawaii county Holo-Holo bus stops less than a mile away; for $2 you can ride it all around the Big Island.  Historic Pahoa town is 10 miles, the Warm Ponds, snorkeling and surfing is 15 miles and Hilo, Hawaii state’s second largest city has an airport 30 miles away. From there you can visit the volcano national park or tour to behold the Big Island’s many natural wonders. A Lincoln Town Car may be available to rent daily or for weekend trips and the host may be available to pick you up or drop you off at the airport


The Goddess I AM Sanctuary in the Central Isle of Paradise:     mauna_loa_nasa220px-ISS038-E-032755_lrg

IAMEATS2The Goddess I AM and her son, Jesse Kuhio Kalani Best, serving up a Vegan Thanksgiving.

Happy Earth-Angel Volunteers creating Heaven on Earth:

When I arrived on I AM's Organic Goddess Sanctuary it was greater than anything I had ever imagined. We were right in the middle of the most beautiful, green, luscious land. All these huge trees, beautiful birds chirping. Our bus is open air so it feels as if your landing right in the middle of nature. I AM is the kindest lady who was wonderful to get to know. She made us feel so comfortable and treated us as though we were family. We felt so at home. The experience is incredible. We were given fresh fruit smoothies from her papaya trees. Also, we rubbed fresh aloe on our skin and it was so healing. The farm and area surrounding it really are so indescribable. It was breathtaking and unlike anything I had ever seen. She took us to a local market with all kinds of wonderful organic foods and crafts. She dropped us off at a black sand beach which was amazing. The sand was black from the volcano. Overall, just such an amazing place to be and experience. This farm worked out greater than I could imagine. It was perfect.

___ Jenn  aka  Jennifer Surina  from Reno, Nevada


PresenceEric Southerland5-1-15

Staying at I Am's sanctuary was a beautiful experience. I am so grateful for the lush accommodations, abundance of fruit, and kindness of I Am.
The accommodations are the nicest I have come into contact with on the Big Island and at a fair trade! Plenty of fruit, cool farm animals and beautiful land.
I had fun planting fruit trees, learning about Permaculture, and communing with the land.
Work-Trading at I AM's Goddess Sanctuary was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it!
Presence aka Eric Southerland from the Colorado Rocky Mountains


IMG_8953Mountain Rose Apples

Aloha, I am Carl Raw Ross.  I was able to experience the goddess sanctuary while spending time on the Big Island of Hawaii.  What a a refreshing treat to be deep in the Puna jungle with no fire ants, mosquitoes or soggy rainfalls.  Apparently it is not as hard as I thought to facilitate heaven on earth.  I think this is one of the most well set up places on this side of the island.  I stayed in the tour bus, rested well, kept dry and was able to work hard, heal on all levels and appreciate my days here.  My favourite fruit here was by far rollinia :).  Mahalo Aina.

-Carl Raw Ross R.H.N.  from the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada   www.rawross.com



I AM Organic Goddess Sanctuary is absolutely amazing. The pictures on the WWOOF website don't do it justice. Everything is so green and alive. The noises of the birds and frogs make the atmosphere that much better. She provided a tour bus for us that is so perfect. It is so spacious and has all screened windows that are open, so it feels like you are sleeping in the middle of the jungle. I AM is an amazing host. I don't think we could have asked for a better fit!

___ Taylor Bernarda from Reno, Nevada, USA


Many Thanks to Puna neighbors Galen Alpine and Thomas' Kuliana - Earth-Angel Volunteers


IMG_3903Mahalo, Gregg !!!

IMG_5495Brian Langsdale stayed for three months and is an awesome helper.


GMOBannedOur community came together and banned GMOs on the Big Island of Hawaii.

DaleDale Altman with an acid-less sweet white organic pineapple.

IMG_7267I AM's giant organic papaya tree has 15 tops all producing many fruits.

Octagon and Solar 021Her secrets...  spirulina fertilizer and grown with goddess love.

IMG_6234 Honey Boy

IMG_8775All the nature spirits are happy at I AM's Goddess Sanctuary in Kalapana, Hawaii.





Kalapana Homestead 094sm


IMG_8479 IMG_8894Its Mango season in Kalapana

IMG_8881See the Honey Bee hovering near the Aloe flower? Double-click to enlarge this photo.


GoddessSunsetSunset in Kalapana, Hawaii at The Goddess I AM Sanctuary.

I Am. Two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.



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