My near Death Experience…

When I was sixteen years of age, I experienced death. I must have been poisoned, because I became so violently ill that I did not have the strength to stand or walk. My sister carried me up the stairs and laid me in my bed. I wretched  until I became so weak I couldn’t move at all. The pain and sickness were unbearable. And then, everything went black. I saw a spotlight focused on the back of a man’s head. Slowly he turned around and I was horrified to see that it was the Devil, and he was laughing at me.

I prayed for Lord Jesus to help me. Suddenly, it seemed as if I were at the bottom of the ocean with a whirlpool sucking me down. I couldn’t breathe. I swam, struggling against the current with all my might. It took every ounce of strength I possessed. As I rose, I noticed that the water got stiller towards the top and easier to ascend. Above me, I could see the surface. I swam on until at last, I broke through where I could breathe.

To my astonishment, I kept ascending right up through the peaking waves. I looked down, and in complete surprise, saw what I had believed to be the ocean was the atmosphere of Earth. I had risen above it into space. I could see the whole world below me. It was infinitely beautiful to behold. I looked towards the sun and it was magnificent, so brilliant! Then I saw, in the far distance, beautiful Angels shining brighter than the sun. They were flying towards me.

Angels that directed me back to Earth.

I created this mosaic in Photoshop of the Angels who directed me back to Earth during a near death experience in 1965.

A thrill of joy went through me as I thought, “They are going to take me to God.” How beautiful they looked. They were the most beautiful beings I had ever seen, and yet, I didn’t even have eyes to see. I didn’t have a body at all, just a point of consciousness that could behold all the wonder and beauty around me.

When I started out towards them, I heard a Great Voice within me saying, “Wait there. You do not understand how it is.” The Voice was kind, compassionate, infinitely loving, neither male nor female, pure, all-powerful, yet gentle... a Voice that seemed to come from the heart of eternity.

As the Angels came closer they spoke, and their words rang all around me and through me. “It is your Father’s will,” they said, “that you return to Earth. There is something of utmost importance that must be done during your lifetime, something that only you can do.” I thought to myself, “Who, me? What could I possibly do that could make a difference?” And then it dawned on me, “Oh, they must have a case of mistaken identity. They have confused me with someone else, someone important.”

The Angels said, “Do you want to do your Fathers will?” I felt disappointed, because I really wanted to be with God more than anything. Yet, there was no way to argue with a question like that. “Yes,” I thought. “I do want to do my Father’s will.” And, as I resigned myself to His will, I suddenly sped through the atmosphere until I came to a stop, hovering just above my house.

I had super vision and super hearing! I saw my friend asleep in his bed through the rooftop of his house, three houses away. I could hear his dog breathing. In awe, I began to look around. Then I heard the Angles again; “Do you want to do your Father’s will?

As I thought, “Yes,” I descended through my rooftop, hovering near the ceiling above my dead body. Surprisingly, I was repulsed by it. Although I had enjoyed my life, I had no desire to go back into that cold lump of flesh. Then, I heard the Angels asking me again, “Do you want to do your Father’s will?” And as I thought, “Yes,” I suddenly flew into my body. I was stuck, and it felt as if I weighed a thousand pounds, considering a few moments earlier I was weightlessness. I was tired, so very tired, but I thanked Jesus because the sickness was gone and I was safe.

What I had been brought back to Earth for, my mission, was to bring God’s Words to you now, so you may feel the direct personal experience of His Divine Love. It is God’s Will that people everywhere receive the benefit of His Divine Guidance, so everyone can experience the peace, the blessed abundance, and absolute joy of Heaven on Earth now.

When I began these writings,  I meditated five to seven hours each day for nine months. Each morning I hiked up a remote sea cliff an hour before dawn. There I sat in God- Contemplation* for an hour before sunrise. Every day I felt Divine Love and experienced ultimate peace. I reached the breathless state and experienced cosmic consciousness. God always opened my eyes the exact moment the sun began to rise, so I could behold the Light.

Dolphins gathered by the hundreds in the sea below me. Motionless, they floated, their dorsal fins rising above the surface of the water. Then, when I rose and stretched forth my hands to bless them, they would all jump at once, spinning with glee. Beyond them, families of great Humpback whales gathered, and closer in to the shore, ancient sea turtles clustered together below me. Above me, giant albatross’ circled overhead, while my horse and little dog stood at attention before me. They all lined up for my blessing, for they loved receiving the gift of God’s Pure Energy. I spoke aloud, blessing the creatures of the air, the land, and the sea. Then my blessing also reached out to you, flowing all around the world, gracing every person and all life everywhere.

In 1991, God asked me to record the divine words given by my inner voice verbatim,  asking me to bring a little hand held recorder when I came to commune with God, rather than later trying to remember what I thought I had heard God say. God also asked me to change my name to I AM. It was challenging, because I felt people would scrutinize me, or think I was crazy, or judge me as being egotistical for claiming I was God. Oh, how I wished He had asked me to build an ark instead... (not that I could have!)

I AM is God, because the Great I AM is alive and conscious in everything, as everything. Every one of us is divinely blessed to be part of God’s unfolding miracle of life and love.  At our core, every one of us refers to ourselves as I am, though usually in the context of “I am hungry,” or “I am full.” God created us in their Image and the Divine I AM Spirit lives in us, as us. When we seek His Inner Guidance and choose to do His Will, we become godly. By contemplating God’s Divine Nature and feeling Divine Love, we eventually shift the seat of our ego-based identities to our I AM presence.