Your personal audio/video chat with the God/dess I AM

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What people are saying about divine talks with I AM:

“Dearest I AM,

When God was talking to me through you last Sunday, I could hardly comprehend the words; They were so much more than I had ever dreamed would ever be said to me. I am still in awe of it all. As I contemplate the magnitude of what was said, I want to weep with joy. The future looks suddenly much lovelier and more vast than I ever imagined. Thank you so much for mailing me the transcript of God’s Words. I will treasure them forever. I AM, you are truly a gift to the world. We need to be reminded of how much goodness we all have within us and you bring that awareness to all who will listen.

Thank you, thank you!”—Marie Pare’,  Minister, Unity Christ Church, Wilmington, North Carolina

Dear I AM,
I just received God’s message to me.
It’s difficult to write through all the tears of joy.
Thank you so much for bringing me this precious gift.
I will cherish it always.
Love, Rita Baliunas

“Dear I AM,
I just finished “Heaven on Earth” and it touched me even more than the first one did. It feels like God is speaking directly to me.
Bless you for bringing this beauty in my life.
These first two books were a gift from my son, a gift that has changed my life.
I can’t find the words to thank you and to express the joy that you have brought me. I feel that God has spoken to me personally, and has answered so many of my questions.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
—Rita Baliunas

Dear I AM,
I just put in my order for the 3rd and 4th books and the message, and yes, put me down for your new book as well. I finished “Heaven On Earth” in one setting. Your books have helped me so much, they give me hope and a renewed sense of purpose.
Thank you so much. I am so looking forward to receiving God’s personal message to me.               Love, Rita Baliunas