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"This book cured my depression. God's Words really make me feel good inside. Thank you, I AM, for writing this miracle. I recommend it to everyone!"                                                              ---Crystal Horne, Kapaa, Hawaii


--- Dakan Allison, sculptor and artist, Kilauea, Hawaii.


"If people everywhere were to read these books from a young age, we would have no problems in this world - None! The most important thing You can do is Read These Books."                         --- Mr Wayne Newhouse, Kilauea, Hawaii.


"In 1996 God asked me to record His words for the new millennium verbatim", writes I AM in
the prologue of her fascinating new book, God's Words for the New Millennium. Here is a
beautifully designed book filled with beautiful thoughts of inspiration, wisdom and an insight
into God's plan for all of us. We read, "This Revelation is My Profound Gift to you, My Blessed
One, and it is My Divine Objective to keep this Book whole and uncorrupted throughout time."

Available in both book as well as audio-book form, God's Words for the New Millennium brings the reader truths to strive for and to live by. Here is a roadmap to peace and fulfillment that strikes a chord that resonates with this reviewer. These first person essays can lead you to spiritual ascension and divinity.

In addition to God's twenty requests for us, from "Live by the golden rule" and "Be harmless" to "Worship Me above material things" and "Bring Me your devotion", I AM includes messages about God's Providence, the Holy Attribute of Divinity and Your Divine Identity.

God's Words for the New Millennium is filled with illustrations, angelic artwork and borders, but most of all I AM has provided the means to a destiny in a better place. We read, "A Superb Matchless Destiny awaits your loving embrace. Embrace Me. Hold Me closer to your heart. Feel Me in the reaches of your Blessed Consciousness."

God's Words for the New Millennium is awe-inspiring material that CAN help.  I AM has channeled for us the means today, for a better tomorrow!"                                                                       ---Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews


"'God's Words' by I AM are more compassionate than traditional Christianity."
---Thomas Emma, professor emeritus, Ventura College, California


"These inspirational messages are treasures from Heaven."                                                             ---Paul Cody Mallen, Windsor, Ontario, Canada


"I can feel the wondrous experience of GOD's almighty love coursing through His Words. We have been mislead and kept in darkness through fear propaganda for too long. There were numerous passages which brought tears of joy to my eyes, but when I read the Revelations according to GOD and realized His divine plan for us and the Earth, it shattered all my ingrained beliefs and fears of what might happen. As my tears of relief poured out I felt a very heavy burden being lifted from me. I am humbled and honored to have read these divine directives for the establishment of Heaven on Earth, and I have dedicated my life to do God's will and replant His gardens."
---James Shidler, carpenter


"I Love Your Books.
Your words are uplifting and encouraging.
We are in many ways hampered by our traditions, and reluctant to recognize the light of truth when it appears in "unorthodox raiment."... But no book is as reassuring as yours, nor so easy to read.  I believe your books will help open doorways in our communities that were heretofore closed. We have encountered a time of "crisis" here, and we have been searching our souls for our core values and true identity. I believe that a "crisis" is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new ideas--or to expand on old ideas--and I tell my friends and colleagues that the only danger that we face is our own fear, and that we might become disheartened by our material circumstances and let go of hope. My message to anyone who will listen is that glorious days are in front of us. Your books will help lift the dark clouds of uncertainty about the plight of our world and restore hope for many good-hearted people.
It is in my heart to share your books as gifts to my friends and colleagues, and thusfar I have happily given away 144 books. Thank you so much for what you have given to me through your written words. I carry them in my heart, and I have even posted God's 20 requests on the bulletin board in my office."                                                                                                              ---Kevin Schrock, Goshen College, Goshen IN.

"When you're ready to hear God's Words, the message sings from every page. Full of peace for a nation so in need, Pure beauty rings through I AM, filling the reader with gratitude."                --- Tami DePalma, www.MarketAbility.com


"Heaven on Earth is filled with wisdom, heart, and noble vision. How wonderful would our world be if many of us stepped into the sense of appreciation and honoring that I AM exudes. I found this dear book touching and inspiring."
--- Alan Cohen, author of I Had It All the Time


"Revolutionary! God's Words by I AM are deeply impactful for the new millennium."                    --- Dr. Ann West, "Truth from the Source" radio talk show host, KKCR, Hanalei

"Hello, I AM, this is Vic Conant. I am calling to let you know how much I liked listening to your beautiful Audio-Book. The words are so meaningful. And the book you sent Bernie is beautiful! Please send me all four of your books right away."                                                                          ---Vic Conant, Nightingale-Conant Corporation

"Your books are a timely gift and the answer to millions of prayers. Thank you for being born and so ready to deliver. God has blessed us yet again."
With all my love and great respect,
---Monique Golden  -  Kilauea, Hawaii

"I was fortunate to meet I AM before reading her books. She is a wonderful person with a calming presence. We met while taking a family vacation. There I purchased her first book. After reading it I purchased three more. It has been the beginning of a new awakening in me and I am grateful to I AM. Her books are beautiful! God's Words make me feel wonderful and full of Hope! It is certain that these books will affect others in the same way.
--- Laurie Ann Thompson, Clarkston, Michigan

"Dearest I AM,
I just finished your book and I loved it. It's beautiful and truly meaningful. I'm sure you're going to be very successful. I wish you all the luck and will pray for your success in every way."
--- Carole Myers, Envision, www.envisionpr.com


Sweet I Am,

"I found this book in a second hand bookstore in Antwerp/Belgium. I was looking for an entirely different type of book.. I saw the cover and looked inside at the pictures. Normally this would not appeal to me at all.. as I am quite a Left brain person.. I thought.. haha.. However, I bought it together with other books..

In my hotel I started reading the words and I got all 'soft' inside.. the words are so gentle, so genuine.. so like a father/ mother speaking softly to her child, that ran away from home some years ago, in frustration and disappointment.. and now returns back home.. seeking shelter.. to rest and treat its wounds.. the Words are Love.. the medicine to heal all wounds we have inflicted upon each other and ourselves'.

Many books have been written.. but the words and vibration of your book are so subtle that words basically cannot describe the energy it conveys to the reader.. it opens a door .. that was shut for long time from the inside.. not the outside..
on the outside he was waiting.. always.. in love.."

I thank you and love you deeply too,
---Bernard Henry Pottker, Nueva Andalusia, Malaga, Spain


"I have been truly blessed to have all of these books in my house. Every time I pick one of the books to read a passage I feel like I've been touched by an angel. These works are undeniably inspired by God. Thank you, I AM."
--- Karin David, Santa Cruz, California


My Angel Friend,
To be in your presence one feels the peace and tranquility that surrounds you. There is always such a sparkle in your eyes that emanates the great love you have for people.
You are so blessed with this talent you have and the wonderful messages you give people.
We are all searching for that spiritual calmness and ability to listen to the inner voice and hear God's messages that you so eloquently can teach us.
As you've said it before, we all have the capabilities to tune into this inner voice but don't know quite how to do it, but with your charming ways of teaching us we are learning.
This is where your wonderful spirituality comes in and you show us the way. Bless you my friend.                                                                                                                                                     ...Much love, Julie Gregg, Wilmington, NC


"I really enjoyed visiting this heavenly crossroads. I read "God's Words To Inspire the Angel In You" last night and this morning. It brought me Joy and Peace. The Angel I AM inside was sanctified and given new Grace. I believe and have faith in God's Words given so eloquently.  What a Joy to know my faith and beliefs have been taking me down "The Path Of Right Choosing", and to now have a guidepost that I can always refer to by re-reading the book. I am really looking forward to getting and reading the rest of your books!"                                           ---O'kaysions "Girl Watcher" singer Donne Weaver, Muti-million Gold single, Raleigh, NC.


"Dear I AM, Thanks a Million for the wonderful WORKS of Your Art & Craft that you've sent us! May GOD refill YOU Everyday with the most Inspiring Ambrosia of Infinitely amazing, intensely Positive & Spectacularly Divine ENERGY so that YOU can EXUDE it as easily, naturally & spontaneously as YOU Breathe to Transform the Hearts & Minds of Masses in Our Global Village & Establish "HEAVEN ON EARTH"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best Of Luck in Your Mission to DO So!"
---Bernie Sandilya, International Marketing Director, Nightingale-Conant Corp.


"Written to those who live in this millennium, 'GOD's Words' speak to today's needs and situations. If you have any doubt as to their authenticity, just read. God's Words by I AM will speak to your heart like no other."
---Dave Ruskjer, computer software specialist and choir director, Poipu Beach, Hawaii


"Angelic prose, certain to calm and restore your spirit."
---John Meluso, Author, eyeTalk, Bridging From Communication to Connection.


Dear I AM,

Your book is the gospel according to love!

Hello precious writer... vehicle of God's Words… I was on my way to a friend's house when there was a traffic jam of large proportions for Sedona, so I turned around and went to the center for the New Age Bookstore to see what I could connect with to pass a little time... and after a few books I came to yours and found such blessedness therein... and felt your shining presence...so I wished to write to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
with God's love,
---I AM SHAMBALLA - "Shambala Lovestar"


"By divine intervention, God is speaking to us now. Let us listen! Heaven on Earth gives us our promise of tomorrow. If we wait 'til tomorrow to save the garden, it will be too late. If we implement God's plan now, then we will have a tomorrow."
--- Debra Turner, US Army and Deputy Sheriff, Salem, Oregon, retired


"Just wanted to tell you that I did some reading of God's Words last night and got so much out of it. His words just flow and make such good sense. I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing the same tonite. God's words are just beautiful!"

---Cathy Byrne, Wilmington, North Carolina


"God's Words to Inspire the Angel in You gave me a divine connection to Heaven within. Reading this book made me a better person."
---Charles Lester, merchant, Kapaa, Hawaii


"If people everywhere would just live this truth for one moment, the whole world would be changed for the better forever."
---Raynella Solandra, Veterinarian, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii


"Highly inspirational and thought provoking. I AM is an original visionary of the first order. She is indeed, a jewel in the crown of life."
---Ronald Dixon, Princeville, HI

"All four volumes of 'God's Words' are food for thought for spiritual seekers of all faiths. Reading these words, I experienced the peace of God that passes all understanding. I know that many religions have focused on prophecies of old that foretell the destruction of Earth. Yet Jesus prayed that God's Kingdom would come and His will would be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Being created in God's image implies that we are co-creators with God and do not have to be victims of a frightful future. God wants us to help Him create Heaven here right now. For greater insight as to what the will of God is, I highly recommend reading all of 'God's Words' by I AM."
---Shoshana, spiritual singer & songwriter


"God's 20 Requests are the Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me, God. I so appreciate the God given words and the Vessel. Thanks for sharing your God-given gift. Your website is Awesome, great work, and great words. I adore the Peace Dove, 'my power symbol'. From one Angel heart to another, God's blessings Angel Girl!"
---Ruth Brandt, Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina


I would like to have all books which God gave through I AM. So, I bought I AM LOVE and would be happy to have all others because they are given to enable to rise God in humanity, in the world.
With God's Love and Light,
--- Darko Göttlicher, Ivanicgradska 43 10000 Zagreb Croatia, Europe


"The books are beautiful, and words are very moving. My friend, that met you in person, thinks you are an Angel walking on earth to help others. What a gift to have."
---Lorain Tisinger, Wilmington, NC, USA


"Thank you for your 1st beautiful book, God's Words to Inspire the Angel in You. It is wonderful, inspirational, and a balm for my soul. Through you, God has given me the comfort I needed so desperatley.
God Bless!"
---Rita Baliunas


"Dear I AM,
I just finished "Heaven on Earth" and it touched me even more than the first one did. It feels like God is speaking directly to me.
Bless you for bringing this beauty in my life.
These first two books were a gift from my son, a gift that has changed my life.
I can't find the words to thank you and to express the joy that you have brought me. I feel that God has spoken to me personaly, and has answered so many of my questions.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
---Rita Baliunas


Dear I AM,
I just put in my order for the 3rd and 4th books and the message, and yes, put me down for your new book as well. I finished "Heaven On Earth" in one setting. Your books have helped me so much, they give me hope and a renewed sense of purpose.
Thank you so much. I am so looking forward to receiving God's personal message to me.

Love, Rita


Dear I AM,
I just recieved God's message to me.
It's difficult to write through all the tears of joy.
Thank you so much for bringing me this precious gift.
I will cherish it always.
Love, Rita


I Love your books!

So far I have given away some three dozen of you books.
I am attempting to use some discretion to seek out individuals who may be appropriately receptive, and I am relying on my own reputation for integrity to help people accept them (if they do not at first believe what they are reading, at least I can ask them to believe in me).
I urge each person to rely on his or her power of discernment, to listen carefully for the response of the spirit resident in each heart. I believe, in this Correcting Time, that each person's heart will be responsive to the Word of Truth even though his or her mind may remain resistant to the ideas contained therein. I know that the time of reticence is over, and the hour of plain speaking is at hand.

I do not know what effect my efforts may yield. Perhaps I will never know, but I know that I must make an honest effort to do this work.

In my own household we have embraced what we have learned. We have removed all hazardous chemicals from the premises and are seeking alternative cleaning products based on hydrogen peroxide.

I AM responsible for the custodial operations at Goshen College, and I AM inspired to likewise change the nature of our cleaning program so that we learn to use the types of products recommended in the books. Because of my work at the college, we already have possession of several ozone generators, and I have increased our reliance on their use. We also purchased our first air purifier using the technology of ionization and have been using it with great success.

We have stopped using meat products, including fish and fowl, and we are experiencing a remarkable enhancement of well-being.

I researched the use of granite dust as a fertilizer, and there is some scientific research available--some of which describes its efficacy "miraculous." I also researched the photon belt, and discovered that scientists have known about it for some time now--although no one seems to agree about what will happen when we actually enter it.

We are eager to begin planting trees. At 1000 trees apiece, I reckon that my family should plant about 5000 of them. I think we might have room for a few hundred of them on our property and the property adjacent to it--should we gain permission to plant there. I have yet to identify a source of granite dust, but there are several nearby quarries, and my guess is that one or several of them will have something . . .

I AM eager to engage in the good work of creating a heaven on earth. The truth is, it has been my dream that the whole planet should be gardened just as Adam and Eve did in the first garden before their unfortunate default.

I live and work in a remarkable community that embraces the fundamental values and ideals set forth in The Urantia Book, and many other fine teachings that have appeared in this generation. But we (as a community) are in many ways hampered by our traditions, and we are reluctant to recognize the light of truth when it appears in "unorthodox raiment."
... But no book is as reassuring as yours, nor so easy to read.

I believe your books will help open doorways in our community that were heretofore closed. We have encountered a time of "crisis" here, and we have been searching our souls for our core values and true identity. I believe that a "crisis" is a wonderful opportunity to introduce new ideas--or to expand on old ideas--and I tell my friends and colleagues that the only danger that we face is our own fear, and that we might become disheartened by our material circumstances and let go of hope. My message to anyone who will listen is that the glorious days are in front of us, and that this is an exciting time to be alive on this amazing world. I hope that your books will help lift the dark clouds of uncertainty about the plight of our world and restore hope for many good-hearted people.

When I talk about this extraordinary community, I tend to mean the college campus where I work. All of the students who attend this school are sent overseas for a semester to learn and to serve in an underprivileged culture. The graduates invariably go forth with an enlarged global perspective. I has likewise been my privilege to work with students from all continents, cultures, and faiths. Many of the residents in our town are graduates of this college (Goshen College), and so our community has within it the seeds of a rare and wonderful global perception.

We, in Goshen, Indiana, are steeped in religious tradition and firmly anchored in Divine values (although often confused by the particularity of the cultural traditions of our own denominations). It is an interesting mix of broad and narrow perspectives. My hope is that we will nurture the best of what we have and recognize that we have outgrown many traditions that no longer serve us (now that I am a man, I put away childish things . . .)

We are a Midwestern community, and we have a rich agricultural heritage, and there is great love of the land. The Amish live in our midst, and they are wonderfully rich with beautiful horses. Our home is on the edge of town, and we are surrounded by acres and acres of beautiful, pristine undeveloped countryside. It is our fervent hope that this land is not consumed by urban development, and our prayer is that God will one day grant us stewardship of this beautiful place, as well as the resources to begin the process of creating our corner of Heaven on Earth as we are asked to do. I pray fervently that this good soil will produce a bountiful harvest of the good things described in your beautiful book. I believe that it *must* because that is what God wills according to the very words written by your hand--and I know that they are True.

(My own background is Church of the Brethren; I AM a direct descendent of Alexander Mack, who with his followers formed the Church of the Brethren in Europe some eleven generations ago and had to flee to America to find sanctuary from the persecutions that they faced because of their faith.)

God Bless You, My Friend! Please pray that we will be worthy servants of the vision that you have shared with us. I only regret that I am not near enough to you to give you a hug! You are Truly an Angel!"

---You have inspired me to write my name thus:
I AM Kevin Schrock."
Goshen College
1700 South Main Street
Goshen, IN 46526 USA

Thank you for your encouragement and support! You are indeed an Angel!!!


"Dearest I AM,

When God was talking to me through you last Sunday, I could hardly comprehend the words. They were so much more than I had ever dreamed would ever be said to me.

I am still in awe of it all.

As I contemplate the magnitude of what was said, I want to weep with joy.

The future looks suddenly much lovelier and more vast than I ever imagined.

Thank you so much for mailing me the transcript of God's Words. I will treasure them forever.

I AM, you are truly a gift to the world.

We need to be reminded of how much goodness we all have within us and you bring that awareness to all who will listen.

Thank you, thank you!"
---Marie Pare',
Minister, Unity Christ Church, Wilmington, North Carolina


My 16 year old son, Jesse Best

Jesse Testamonial