Silicone Survivors eBook Sample


The Silicone Survivors Handbook - (1st 9 pages eBook sample)

by I AM fka Diana Leighland


How to Get well from Silicone Poisoning

©2005 I AM ~ DIANA LEIGHLAND  ISBN 1-892177-51-X

Title & Disclaimer

Within the pages of this book, I have detailed the therapies that worked for me to rid my body of silicone and systemic fungal infections that invaded my body when my saline and silicone implants ruptured. I show you exactly what worked for me, but it is up to you to apply these proven therapies that I learned through my experience. I did it, so I know it’s possible. I wish I could guarantee that you will get well and enjoy a healthy and bountiful life. I don’t know you or your ability to follow through and change your eating habits and lifestyle by adding these beneficial therapies so you can live with optimum health. Getting well is a discipline and its up to you. All I can do is point the way and show you what worked for me and pray for you that it will work for you, too. Your health and your life are your responsibility. Godspeed your recovery! Check with your physician before beginning any new therapy or exercise regime. If you need a physician that is familiar with silicone disease you may call mine;

Dr. Miles Greenberg N.D. at 808-245-2277.


This book presents A NEW DIET and cleansing regime that GETS THE SILICONE OUT and MAKES YOU LOOK AND FEEL YEARS YOUNGER. It also presents a FORMULA for REAL EMOTIONAL HEALING.

Many of our loving relationships and families have been torn asunder by the emotional sickness brought on by silicone. The Nutritional Therapies, Cleansing Modalities, and Inspiration conveyed in this book will bring a Powerful Blessing to heal and revive your body, mind, and Soul.

I am convinced that if I had not followed the program contained in this book I would have died. Silicone poisoning, called Human Adjuvant Disease, was killing me. HAD is the body’s mistaken initiation of a devastating cellular Blitzkrieg upon itself. I had an ex-plantation surgery to remove the implants and also had the silicone-containing scar capsules removed. This is essential to getting well. Yet just removing the implants doesn’t remove the silicone that’s migrated into the rest of your body or reprogram your own body’s immune system that has turned against you. By doing all of the detoxifying and rebuilding remedies that are presented in this book I got well. I wrote this book so you can too.

Forward by Dr. Miles Greenberg

My longtime patient I AM, who is also known as Diana Leighland, has pioneered a significant breakthrough in the fight against silicone disease. I recommend following all of the guidance contained in her Silicone Survivor’s Handbook because I know firsthand that the treatments worked on her. For a long time I could not diagnosis what was causing her infirmity until we finally discovered her autoimmune diseases were caused by silicone poisoning. I know that she was guided from above to use the natural healing remedies presented in her book. She not only cured herself of silicone disease, she is also a cancer survivor, and she eliminated an ovarian cyst naturally. Over the years she was healing, Diana sustained several tragic auto accidents and she completely recovered from multiple fractures and injuries including a broken back and herniated discs. I endorse her brave work in finding effective treatments and I prescribe this book to all of my patients that have implants or are considering them.

Dr. Miles Greenberg, ND Natural Health and Pain Relief Clinic 3093 Akahi Street Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, 96766 (808) 245-2277

The Playboy Myth

Quest for the Ideal Figure

Most women get breast augmentations to please men. Men have a highly developed sense of visual stimulation and they love to see nice full breasts. They are so visually oriented, women try to do everything they can to become more beautiful, more sexy and more appealing for them...and for their special man.

What is the ideal figure? It changes with the times. In reality, the full figured wide-hipped women are nature’s ideal breeders. And what is really sexier than a body made for breeding? Certainly in our generation the sought after ideal has become full breasted, slim-waisted and slim-hipped stature that has become the most visually stimulating to men. At least, that is what many men have been brainwashed into believing is sexy - while growing up with Playboy magazines providing visual erotic images while they learned to get in touch with their sexuality through masturbation.

In this way, Hugh Hefner has created an unreal image of sensual perfection in the minds of people everywhere who look at sexy magazines and the internet. It’s next to impossible to have a body that is thin with big breasts.

In 1945, women started having injections of paraffin and silicone put in their breasts to please men. Then came the era of the implants. The silicone revolution gave every man the fulfillment of his wildest dreams; the playboy myth of sensual beauty available to girlfriends and wives everywhere.

Suddenly the fashion industry changed their requirements and we models had not only to be thin but busty as well.

The playboy image was created. American women of my generation are victims of having to live up to that unreal ideal in order to be desirable to men and worthy of being loved.

What I did for Love

When I was a teanager I went to modeling school. I could have worked as a model in the city, but I really loved living in the country, so at age 19 I moved to Hawaii and got a job training a herd of wild horses. I managed the Hawaiian Horse Ranch located at the highest outpost on Mauna Kea.  I’ve been a horse trainer most of my life. The money isn’t big, but I love horses. I gently break and train them for riding and for trail adventures and have gotten to live in the most beautiful, remote, pristine places to work.

Being a cowgirl, I hadn’t been out on a date for five years. So when my sister Denise came to Hawaii for a visit, she took me to the Kona Surf to go dancing. I literally married the first man I met.   Yes, I was 26 when I became engaged to a handsome Canadian golf pro, who said he wanted to start a summer camp for underprivileged kids; teach them how to ride and sing and play the guitar. Too bad it wasn’t true. After only knowing him for two weeks, I sold all my possessions and my horses and moved from Hawaii to Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

We stayed together a couple of months in Canada, and then we went to Portland, Oregon for the wedding since that’s where I’m from.

I hadn’t known my husband long, but we knew what each other looked like before we got married. We had enjoyed each other’s bodies. But the day after we said our vows, as we were driving out of town on our honeymoon, my darling husband turned to me and said, “You’re fat, ugly, and repulsive and I’m not going to make love with you until you lose 20 pounds!” I was just floored by what he said. I was so shocked I didn’t say anything. But now, I wish I had acted on my first impulse and told him to stop the car and said, “This is where I get off.” Oh, how I wish I would have done that - because his abuse got much worse as time went on...

Young and foolish, I didn’t know enough about abusive men. I loved him and I wanted him to love me. He had been very amorous before we married so I was surprised that he didn’t like the way I looked all of a sudden. He had never mentioned it before. So I decided that I would get thin. (At the time, I weighed 135 pounds.) I wanted to be beautiful inside and out and I wanted to please my husband so I began running and dieting. I worked out three hours a day. First I got up and went to the gym for an hour then I ran for 30 minutes or climbed up thirteen flights of stairs when it was too cold to go outside. (That winter it got down to 70 degrees below zero centigrade which equals -94 F. with the wind chill factor). We had a heated pool in our apartment building, The Hull Estates, so I also swam an hour and a half each day; 45 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes before I went to bed.

I ate meagerly. I fixed three gourmet meals for my husband each day, but I didn’t eat anything before noon. Then I would only eat half a papaya. For lunch I would have a head of lettuce. Then for dinner I would only eat 3 bites of each serving. That was it! I was literally starving. I dropped down to 118 pounds (which is very slim for 5’7&1/2”). I thought, “I have to look thin enough to be lovable now.” ( I wish I could tell you that it paid off in my love life - but my husband became jealous of all the attention I got and became even more abusive.)

I had some pictures taken to evaluate myself objectively. The photographs were so beautiful; I took them to the Patricia Faulkner Modeling Academy that very day. She said, “Great, I’ll sign you up today.” That’s how I got into high fashion modeling in Calgary. My agent called me almost every day for assignments. In the pictures I looked beautiful but you know pictures put 10 pounds on you. In real life I looked gaunt. You could see all the bones in my face and my chest and in real life people were telling me I was too thin. I figured that pictures didn’t lie so I stayed at 118 pounds. My stomach got used to the incessant hunger pains. I really was running on empty but I was loving it.

Once for a newspaper ad I had a picture taken from a side view. When I saw that picture in the newspaper advertisement, I thought, “Oh, my nose has a bump in it. It is not straight anymore.” In 1970, my boyfriend Randy had slapped me across the face. I had no idea it was coming but when I saw his hand flying through the air I jerked backwards and the full brunt of his hand hit my nose and broke it.

So I decided to get my nose fixed. After all, if I was going to be a professional model, I had to be as perfect looking as I possibly could. Also, it had been hard to breathe out of one side of my nose ever since he had hit me. So I went and had my nose done. But the doctor took out too much and I had a big dip in my nose that looked like a ski-jump. I ended up having more operations on my nose to try to correct that problem. But the plastic surgeon just ripped me off for my money and never did the job I paid him for. Through these experiences I learned the hook that surgeons employ to get you to spend more money. You know plastic surgeons are notorious about always leaving a little bit for the next operation. I mean, how many does it take? My nose is pretty small.

In the meantime, my agent was getting me lots of jobs and I was making good money modeling. One of the jobs was ramp and runway modeling, doing shows on TV. I had to be a quick change artist to go from swim suits to fur coats to evening gowns in 30 second changes. I was lightning-quick but when I put on that deep plunge evening gown, I had to put on a bra so I would have that round look. My breasts had always been beautiful, when I had gotten so thin there wasn’t much left. That padded bra made them look full but I took 10 seconds too long, putting on my bra. The TV producer was really upset because 10 seconds on TV is an eternity to the viewers. So my agent handed me a piece of paper on the spot. It was the phone number of her plastic surgeon. She said, “You took too long to change. I can’t have my models doing that. So you go see him if you want to keep working for me. All the girls are doing it. I did it myself. Now, don’t I look nice?” I agreed she did.

I had my first breast augmentation in 1978 by Dr. M. of Calgary, Alberta,Canada. He was very kind and understanding of my predicament, saying, “It’s the age of the breast. We have lots of different sizes. You can have any size you like.” I didn’t want anything much bigger, just enough to get me where I was before I got so thin, a 34-B would be okay. “You had two choices, Dr. M. said, “The saline implants are filled with salt water so they are non-harmful if they leak. Or you can have silicone filled implants.” He explained, “Silicone is a man-made jell that feels more like real breast tissue but there are some concerns over its long term safety and the verdict isn’t in on it yet.” So I told him that if Silicone might be harmful, I definitely wanted saline. Dr. M. had me overnight in the hospital when he installed the Jenny saline implants. Then off I went. I loved the way I looked. And the Doctor said they were perfectly safe...


Read more of the Amazing Story of How a Doctor's Death Sentence Put Me on the Road to Recovery from Silicone Disease:

I first got breast implants to help promote my modeling career. Within two years I had chronic fatigue so bad that it ruined my offer from Gene Roddenberry to star in "StarTrek, the Motion Picture".

Over the years I had four sets of implants: Saline filled, Silicone gel filled and Polyurathane Bi-Lumin Implants.

Two sets ruptured and they all became deformed looking when the scar capsules hardened around them. Within ten years I was 100% disabled from silicone poisoning and systemic fungal infections. Eventually, the crippling autoimmune disease confined me to a wheelchair.

I developed antibodies to Silicone and 47 other abnormalities in my blood, including systemic fungal infections that invaded my body when my saline and silicone implants ruptured.

My doctor told me that saline implants were safe. . . No one told me that the outer shell is made of silicone and the saline filling is only guaranteed to be sterile for two years; after that it grows fungus like a waterbed.

My MD doctors regretfully informed me that they have no cure and that I would just get sicker until I died. Upon this death sentence, I turned for help to a Higher Power. I meditated five to seven hours per day. Then one day I heard an inner voice offering the step by step guidance I needed to get well from Silicone Disease.

Today I feel vigorous. I am clear-thinking and on an energy high. Now I want to share this valuable knowledge with three million women who face silicone poisoning, so we can all be strong and healthy again.

I opted out of the Dow Settlement and did not file a lawsuit against them so I could keep this book from being squelched by a gag order.

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