How to Create Your Perfect Human Body with a Projection of Super-Consciousness

This is the missing realization needed to project perfect bodies with our consciousness:

The real reason for apparent collective Insanity and the current inability to manifest prefect bodies at humans current state of consciousness arrises from a Schism (from the Greek schisma, rent, division) the state of dissociation or separation which is the result of that act. 

The ego is not real but humans are taught it is who they are from day 1 by elders that are also misinformed (mis-formed image of self).  

Ego causes separation from the true Self, for the only real Self is the I AM presence. When human beings truly believe that they are separate ego-based individuals, it manifests a schism in their human energy fields and they do not express infinite universal consciousness because the unreal ego-identity veil separates them from the power of creation inherent in pure God-Consciousness.   

Ego goes against the flow, so manifestation by a human skewed ego-mind results in the misuse of resources, greed and the destruction of nature, just as live spelled backwards turns evil. Perfection in form and manifesting Heaven everywhere is what truly is in the flow of Universal God-consciousness. 

My book, Discover Your Inner Angel, teaches how to transfer the seat of your identity from the unreal judge-mental mortal ego; to the Righteous (right-use) I AM identity in perfect Oneness creating perfection in body, mind, spirit, reality, immortality and the ability to manifest Heaven everywhere.


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How to Create Your Perfect Human Body with a Projection of Super-Consciousness: