Ideal Economics

America was created by the people and For the people. If all Americans shared our wealth evenly now, every American adult will have $301,000.00 worth of assets.

The wealth and our homes were stolen from us fraudulently.  It is un-American for 1% of us to be ultra rich, while so many of us are destitute and homeless.

Let's vote on it... majority rules in America. No revolution needed and we don't have to change to communism. We just need to redistribute the wealth when the money game gets so inequitable.

Think how our economy will thrive and how happy everyone will be when all Americans work together 4 days a week rebuilding our infrastructure, planting organic fruit trees and flowering gardens everywhere.  Then by sharing the GDP between us all, our whole country will be prosperous, sustainable and beautiful.

America was created by the people and For the people to eliminate a monarchical ruling elite.  America is a democracy, therefore we the people can change the rules as we go along when faced with crisis like inequity which is ruining the quality of life for the majority of Americans.