Treasure of Glorious Love


There is a Divine Fire building within your Cherished Heart.  You are the Torch Bearer of the Sacred Flame of Divine Love. My Darling, bring Me the Treasure of your Devotion and alight the fire within your Soul.  I AM the Very Essence of Divinity in every format of consciousness.  Therefore, change your attitude to reflect My Perfect Grace and Sublime Love.  For I AM the Flower Blossoming within your garden of loveliness today, as fragrant as the plumeria, which adorns the depths of your Trusting Heart.

Oh, My Darling, you are a Treasure so Beautiful.   I AM your Eternal Beloved.  When you come to Me, bring Me the Treasure of your Priceless Adoration, for I AM the Loveliness Blossoming in your Fragrant Heart.  Become Me, My Darling, in every way.  Let Me shine forth the Flames of Eternal Love to Light your life in Splendid Beauty.  Oh Treasure of My Heart, fathom My Eternal Love.  I AM the God of Love, so bring your Love to Me and we shall forevermore be One in this Glorious Love of Ours.

I shall be here in the hours to come, as a silent witness to the courage and faith you express in your level of commitment to Me and in doing My Will.  There is no greater gift that shall pass from Creator to creature than this Gift of Immortality, and Divine Attunement exhibited in the Willful Consecration of the Heart; to do the Will of the Heavenly Father.  In this, you have established your Eternal Destiny, for I AM here, My Beloved.

I AM the Eternal Spring which flows to bathe you in Fragrant Mists of Perfect Love.  I AM Your Beloved whose Universe shines with ten trillion suns.  Take this, My Offering to you My Truest Love; take My Heart and all I have to give you.  Let Me shower you with the Blessings of the Sacred Stars.  Let Me fill you with My Own Soul.  My Impeccable Thoughts bathe you in Crystal Loveliness. My Flower, take the Truest Love ever proffered to your Immaculate Heart.