I AM Within You

I AM Easter Sunrise Moloaa

This chapter  -  I AM Here Within You - is from:    Heaven On Earth

Deep within you there is a God. I AM the God of Paradise. I AM the Bringer of Hope. I AM the Creator of All That Is. I AM the Enlightener of Humanity and the Prince of Peace. I AM here, and I AM pleased with this accomplishment.

Feel My presence reaching forth from you like the rays of the sun, shining, radiating glorious light through you into the world of corruption and darkness. Become My divine pillar of light who summons the glory of God made manifest in human form.

Undaunted, let your Spirit sing. Enjoy its refrains, for I AM here. I AM in you, My Darling. And these great truths will soon be known and experienced by My Dear Hearts all around the world.

Honor your Father in Heaven by bringing My divine light into the world as you go about your day, this day, and always henceforth. Align yourself with My divinity and breathe Me in consciously as you bring forth godliness as a beacon that shines within, illumining the divine and sacred sanctuary of the heart with peace and joy and love. Let Me fill you, My Dear. Let Me honor you and your perfect trust.

Enjoy all I have given you and create the bountiful treasure of Heaven on Earth for everyone through your efforts. Yes, persevere, My Darling Heart, and make this presence of God's own Spirit known unto the world through you this day.