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Ideal Economics

America was created by the people and For the people. If all Americans shared our wealth evenly now, every American adult will have $301,000.00 worth of assets.

The wealth and our homes were stolen from us fraudulently.  It is un-American for 1% of us to be ultra rich, while so many of us are destitute and homeless.

Let's vote on it... majority rules in America. No revolution needed and we don't have to change to communism. We just need to redistribute the wealth when the money game gets so inequitable.

Think how our economy will thrive and how happy everyone will be when all Americans work together 4 days a week rebuilding our infrastructure, planting organic fruit trees and flowering gardens everywhere.  Then by sharing the GDP between us all, our whole country will be prosperous, sustainable and beautiful.

America was created by the people and For the people to eliminate a monarchical ruling elite.  America is a democracy, therefore we the people can change the rules as we go along when faced with crisis like inequity which is ruining the quality of life for the majority of Americans.

I AM Within You

I AM Easter Sunrise Moloaa

This chapter  -  I AM Here Within You - is from:    Heaven On Earth

Deep within you there is a God. I AM the God of Paradise. I AM the Bringer of Hope. I AM the Creator of All That Is. I AM the Enlightener of Humanity and the Prince of Peace. I AM here, and I AM pleased with this accomplishment.

Feel My presence reaching forth from you like the rays of the sun, shining, radiating glorious light through you into the world of corruption and darkness. Become My divine pillar of light who summons the glory of God made manifest in human form.

Undaunted, let your Spirit sing. Enjoy its refrains, for I AM here. I AM in you, My Darling. And these great truths will soon be known and experienced by My Dear Hearts all around the world.

Honor your Father in Heaven by bringing My divine light into the world as you go about your day, this day, and always henceforth. Align yourself with My divinity and breathe Me in consciously as you bring forth godliness as a beacon that shines within, illumining the divine and sacred sanctuary of the heart with peace and joy and love. Let Me fill you, My Dear. Let Me honor you and your perfect trust.

Enjoy all I have given you and create the bountiful treasure of Heaven on Earth for everyone through your efforts. Yes, persevere, My Darling Heart, and make this presence of God's own Spirit known unto the world through you this day.


Treasure of Glorious Love


There is a Divine Fire building within your Cherished Heart.  You are the Torch Bearer of the Sacred Flame of Divine Love. My Darling, bring Me the Treasure of your Devotion and alight the fire within your Soul.  I AM the Very Essence of Divinity in every format of consciousness.  Therefore, change your attitude to reflect My Perfect Grace and Sublime Love.  For I AM the Flower Blossoming within your garden of loveliness today, as fragrant as the plumeria, which adorns the depths of your Trusting Heart.

Oh, My Darling, you are a Treasure so Beautiful.   I AM your Eternal Beloved.  When you come to Me, bring Me the Treasure of your Priceless Adoration, for I AM the Loveliness Blossoming in your Fragrant Heart.  Become Me, My Darling, in every way.  Let Me shine forth the Flames of Eternal Love to Light your life in Splendid Beauty.  Oh Treasure of My Heart, fathom My Eternal Love.  I AM the God of Love, so bring your Love to Me and we shall forevermore be One in this Glorious Love of Ours.

I shall be here in the hours to come, as a silent witness to the courage and faith you express in your level of commitment to Me and in doing My Will.  There is no greater gift that shall pass from Creator to creature than this Gift of Immortality, and Divine Attunement exhibited in the Willful Consecration of the Heart; to do the Will of the Heavenly Father.  In this, you have established your Eternal Destiny, for I AM here, My Beloved.

I AM the Eternal Spring which flows to bathe you in Fragrant Mists of Perfect Love.  I AM Your Beloved whose Universe shines with ten trillion suns.  Take this, My Offering to you My Truest Love; take My Heart and all I have to give you.  Let Me shower you with the Blessings of the Sacred Stars.  Let Me fill you with My Own Soul.  My Impeccable Thoughts bathe you in Crystal Loveliness. My Flower, take the Truest Love ever proffered to your Immaculate Heart.